Having finally moved from my loved Windows Lumia 930 phone to Android (Huawei Mate 10), I sorely miss the live tiles, especially for calendar displaying the day's appointments.

The Android calendar widget will not connect to Microsoft Exchange server, saying "Can't connect to server". The settings it asks for and I have entered are:

In the following, I put 'domain' instead of my real business domain that Microsoft used to create my 365 account.

Email address - I entered my Office 365 email address - name@domain.onmicrosoft.com

Domain - wasn't sure what to put so used - domain.onmicrosoft.com

Username - I put in my email address - name@domain.onmicrosoft.com

Password - I entered my account password for Office 365

Server - I took from the address stated at Outlook/Info - owa.domain.onmicrosoft.com

Port - 443

Security Type - SSL/TLS (Accept all certificates)

Client Certificate - none - I do not know of one

Mobile device ID - this is auto-populated

Then I click 'Next' and it says "cannot connect to server"

The full address stated at Outlook/Info is https (etc) outlook.office365.com/owa/domain.onmicrosoft.com