I have office 365 as a shared subscription thanks to my dad, and the programs have helped me when I was at school; a few months back, I had a tutorial file for a video game in a word document format, and some fo the language was in Japanese; word kept pestering me to download a language pack so it would parse everything better, so I caved in and downloaded the pack, after 3 days of this, I did not like it so I uninstalled the pack, and set eveything back to english only default in all language settings I could find

Problem is, seems like my office 365 didnt uninstall it correctly because when I go to do a manual update of my office apps, it gives me thisClick image for larger version. 

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from this, I guess I made a mistake somewhere when uninstalling this language pack, so I ask tenforums and its users, how do I fix the update screen so its in english and not japanese; build version for apps provided in screenshot, anymore information needed will be added into post edits