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    Windows 10

    My computer came up with the black screen no curser. I tried the suggestions above and actually got to the blue options menu once, I tried a "clean install" and I got a "can not " from the program. I restarted the computer and now I can't get anything, it just keeps looping through the startup. I get as far as the Dell logo and that's it. It shuts down and does it again. I'm quickly loosing my mind!! Please help
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    Windows 10 Pro

    At this point, I think you'll need to reinstall the original OS and start over. If you have important files you need to get off the disk first, you'll need backup media and a bootable utility or a Kubuntu Live CD or something. Remember, do not perform a clean install of Windows 10 without successfully completing the upgrade first, otherwise Windows 10 won't activate.
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    Windows 10 Insider Program, Linux Mint 19, Arcolinux, MX-17

    Fafhrd said:
    Insider Builds Broken - Insider settings need attention
    Losing the Insider Builds feature sometimes happens, and there may be no easy fix. One reason this happens is that your computer name changes, then is therefore different from the computer installation of Windows 10 in your Microsoft Account device details , another is an updates problem. The fix it button does not work, and stopping being an insider can lock you out altogether. Installing Preview builds after that fail activation due to the current state of the activation servers.
    Insider Settings Need Attention Error 0x80310052 - Microsoft Community
    Anyone getting this error message after clicking on "Fix Me" and is DUAL BOOTING and used Easybcd should check out this link:

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    Windows 10 Pro

    SmikeCarl said:
    Disabled One Drive. Took ownership of everything on the drive. Still have access problems that cause program & file update problems.
    As of this weekend I joined the Insider Program and have the newest preview build (10532). Just tested the permissions. Whereas logging in with a MS account, rather than strictly local (required for part of the Insider program) I had permission issues on Pictures and Videos. However, this time after I changed the "Home User" permissions to Full Control, the permission level has remained stable after a full reboot; something that was not happening on the prior build. Perhaps this is a fix that was applied (it appears MS will not tell us the fixes each patch or build version covers).
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    Windows 10 Pro

    HP Fingerprint Scanner - Windows "Hello"

    I had an issue where my ProBook 6470b would work on a local account with the Win7 fingerprint HP software, but when logging in with a Microsoft account, the fingerprint was not an option, and in Settings, "Hello" was not available (even with setting a required PIN). HP has no updated driver, but it seems the Lenovo fingerprint driver, which may be the same as the universal Synaptics driver, solves the issue. Removing the HP driver, and installing the Lenovo, then performing a reboot, "Hello" became an option in Settings, and I was able to register a fingerprint. The camera does not support facial recognition, so is not offered, but I hadn't wanted that anyway.

    Now a log in with fingerprint is possible.
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    windows 10

    Works At Last- Black Screen of Death is history.

    Windows Sniper said:
    Hey Guys,

    There are a lot of commonly occurring issues appearing in the Installation sub-forum, so please take a look through the list here and see if these can solve your problem before creating a new one!

    Relevant Tutorials
    For a Upgrade installation guide > Windows 10 - Upgrade Installation - Windows 10 Forums
    For a clean installation guide > Windows 10 - Clean Install - Windows 10 Forums
    For Activating Windows 10 > Activate Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

    Multiple Installation failures / Error 0x80240020 - This appears to be caused by corrupted / missing files in the pre-download for Windows 10. Following these steps will clear that cache, then re-download the files.

    If repairing the files do not work, please try following the media creation guide on Windows 10 - Upgrade Installation - Windows 10 Forums to upgrade from an ISO / USB.

    Taken from > upgrade to windows 10 pro failed - Windows 10 Forums

    Error 0x80070070 - This is a general out of space error, meaning you do not have enough space on your C:\ to install the upgrade.:)

    Uninstalling / removing applications or files and allowing at least 30Gb of space should remove this error.

    Taken from > We Couldn't install windows 10 0x80070070 - 0x2000C - Windows 10 Forums

    Error 0x8007002C-4000D - This appears to be an issue with upgrading a system which has Symbolic links that do not resolve correctly, or applications which have redundant links.

    These can be found by navigating to - "%WINDIR%\WindowsUpdate.log" and reviewing the logged information that contains the file that causes the error and removing it.

    This was also an issue from the installation of Windows 8 via Upgrading.

    Activation issues with Clean Installation of Windows 10 - The short answer is that you need to activate Windows 10, through the upgrade process first, before you perform a clean install.

    Please see @Brinks post for the information regarding this > Clean Install after upgrade from 7 don't work !! Can't activate the OS - Windows 10 Forums

    Blank Black Screen After Installation - This appears to be caused by default video settings within windows when the installation completes and It appears to be occurring within Laptops primarily.

    The fix, is to use the Windows + P buttons to navigate through the Display selection windows and selecting the correct display adaptor. (Trial and error if you cannot see which selection it is.)

    Attachment 26806

    Thanks to @klemenhe for pointing this out > Windows 10 install stuck at black screen without cursor or anything - Page 3 - Windows 10 Forums

    Recovery Boot
    If you encounter errors whilst running Windows 10, you can access the recovery menu by following these steps.
    1) Press Start and bring up the power options.
    2) Hold SHIFT whilst pressing Restart.

    The computer will restart and show the blue recovery menu(The same as Windows 8)3) When the machine reboots, click Troubleshooting

    Lose of Rights / Admin access required for certain files / folders.
    During the upgrade / installation, your user account is changed and may lose access to files stored on separate drives or areas.

    To remedy this, you will need to 'Reset' the ownership of those files, which can be done by following this guide > Take Ownership - Add to Context Menu in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

    Change User Profile Name
    For some reason, during a clean installation, your user profile will use a generated ID, rather than that specified. This can be seen here > Solved User Profile Name Change - Windows 10 Forums

    The fix for this is the same as with previous versions, by using this guide on SevenForums > User Profile Folder - Change User Account Folder Name - Windows 7 Help Forums

    I feel that more will be added as we go through this, so please bear with us!
    If it is not in the list, or you still have problems with a previously mentioned item, please create a new thread and highlight what steps you have already followed, and the outcome!
    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________

    After two days of Hell, reading every cure for the "BSOD" I finally got lucky. I went back to the basics.
    I have a 2011 Dell N5110 Inspiron. A month ago I called Costco to find out how to update to W 10 because I received the message- not supported. Flashed the Bios to A11, Nothing. They said it might take a couple of days to update. 4 weeks later I get the flag and I'm ready to go. So I jump in an install W 10. It comes up and I am thinking no problem...2 minutes later I get the BSOD + cursor. So on line I go to find and to try every remedy. From Windows Key P to HYKEY registry and a lot more. Including updating drivers from Device Manager-big waste, Windows never updates them. Nothing.
    Keep in mind this is my wife's work VPN computer, and she lives on it. She is NOT HAPPY!
    So now for back to basics: I when to Dell website and methodically downloaded and installed these updates:
    It started working when the Audio update installed.

    From DELL:
    Optimize your system with drivers and updates. 
    Find it Myself
    Show All
    Application (2 files)

    Audio (2 files)

    Chipset (4 files)

    CPU (1 file)

    Drivers for OS Deployment (1 file)

    System Utilities (1 file)

    Video (6 files)

    Hope this will help someone.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

    I solved a "Something happened" error at the point where Windows is about to restart for the first time. The following link may help if you have this error
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    win 10 Pro Insider

    I have been trying to install windows 10 over a win 7 build without success for over a week now and after 7 downloads /tries I have found there is a file missing from the build it's the EI.CFG file that should be uin the sources directory without it windows errors with the "Windows can't find the Micrpsoft Software Licensing Terms" and Stops You can create the file in a text editor first line [channel] next line oem or retail depending on what you have/want close and save as EI.CFG insert and build with NO problems.

    When I rang to tell them about this problem I got someone who didn't seem interested, and tried talking me round in circles. Indian call centers are good at this. anyway I hope this helps some people
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    Clean Install windows 10

    Hello, firstly thanks for anyone who cares to take their time answering my problem

    My problem is that i have upgraded from windows 8 to windows 10 previously and obtained a product id for the windows 10. If i were going to make a clean install of the windows 10, can i use the same product id or i will get a new product id?
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    Windows 10 x86 14383 Insider Pro and Core 10240

    Zaki - best to start a new thread of your own instead of tagging on to a general information thread.

    To answer your question, just clean install Windows 10.

    Do not enter a product ID key during installation - just select "I don't have a product key" or "skip" or "next", if there appears an enter product key screen.

    Your machine is already digitally entitled, and will automatically activate.

    Here's Brinks excellent tutorial:

    Windows 10 - Clean Install - Windows 10 Forums
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