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    7 x64 Ultimate / Win10 Pro / Stephenson's Rocket / Lindows (yep) /

    Ztruker said:
    No. You update Win 7 to 10 so now you have only Win 10.
    You clean install Win 10 replacing the Win 10 already there so you still have only one Win 10.
    right, so no dual boot... then being able to migrate things over time... unless just go pay $199 for a Full Win10 Media...
    If that's the only way to have a True Dual Boot with my existing Win 7 and a Fresh Win 10 is to buy Win 10 Media, it is cheaper (read safer, for me) to buy the media than more HDD's

    So I would be a 'fringe case' where the Upgrade is not a good option.
    The years I've spent getting old stuff to work on Vista and then 7 (never used 8) would be lost if I just dumped 10 onto my existing install.

    It seems to me that my issue may warrant its own thread, one dedicated to 'To Be Or Not To Be...' (Upgrade or Full) cases. If you guys also feel it's warranted feel free to move this and merge my previous posts.
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    Windows 10 Pro X64 1909 18363.815

    hTconeM9user just posted this here: Error code 80070005 - Windows 10 Forums


    The error occurs when you attempt to install Windows updates. When you try to click on check for updates in Windows Update with administrator privileges you cannot install updates and instead you receive error code 80070005.

    Step-by-step instruction

    Error code 80070005 is caused by a number of factors some of which include an error in the DCOM configuration or the Automatic Updates service. You can begin to solve the problem by seeking verification for the DCOM configuration. To do this simply click on Start on your main toolbar on the desktop and then choose Run from the pop-up menu. When the Command Prompt appears type in dcomcnfg and then press the Enter key. When the Component Services window opens double click on the Component Services folder and then double click on the Computers folder. Right click on My Computer and then choose Properties from the drop down menu. When the Properties window opens click on the COM Security tab and then click on Edit Default and then check to see that the correct accounts are listed

    In the event that one of your accounts is missing you can simply click on Add and then choose Advanced. Click on Locations and then choose Local Computer Name and then choose OK. Proceed to click on Find Now and then press down the CTRL key on your keyboard. Choose the correct Account Names and click OK twice.Under User Names choose the account that you added and then choose Local Access in the Permissions area and then place a check mark in the Allow column and then click OK.

    Once you complete this process it is necessary to confirm the default settings for DCOM. You can do this by choosing the Default Propertiestab and make sure Enable Distributed COM has a check mark placed inside the selection box,Identifyis checked under Default Impersonation, and Connect has a check mark under Default Authentication and then click OK. Restart your computer when you have completed this process.
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    Windows 10 Pro X64 1909 18363.815

    Here is another:

    Dell Alienware X51

    I have an Alienware X51 r2. I removed all monitors from my GPU (GeForce Gtx 970) and plugged one monitor via HDMI into my integrated graphics.

    The upgrade and install process went as expected and had no problems and did not get the black screen. So the issue is definitely with dedicated GPUs.

    Posted by imCrazyD here: Windows 10 install stuck at black screen without cursor or anything - Page 22 - Windows 10 Forums
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    Windows 10 Pro X64 1909 18363.815

    Here is a good tutorial for How to: Install and Update drivers in Windows 10 by Andre Da Costa.
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    win 8.1 pro

    Hi Guys, sorry to bother with this... long story short....
    After a lot of errors and problems with my OEM WIN 8.1, i decided to format C: and install win 7 ultimate ( installation DVD)
    A few weeks ago, W7 began breaking bad, so i decided to re-upgrade to 8.1 again, and then jump to W10. Afortunately i had another W7 running in an HDD (500 GB) that I could swap with the original internal 1 TB HDDdisk

    In order to do this, i had to install the W 8.1 Pro . I did it through a USB dock with my HDD. Everything was OK, and then I put inside the 1 tb disk with the installed W8.1 Pro.
    Now I have a W 8.1 pro fully working and with no problems, but when i want to upgrade to W10, it says that I can't install W10 on a usb Hdd ( which i don't since I am running the w 8.1 from the hdd that is inside de laptop)

    It seems to detect that the W8.1 Pro that is currently running has been installed from as an external USB HDD.

    I tried the update from the windows logo and also did the create media ( to a USB flash drive) but both options were the same. I can't seem to install W10 either way...

    Common Faults / Fixes List-w-10.png

    Sorry If i confused you with the procedure, please help!!
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    Windows 10

    I'm running windows 8.1 home on my desktop and laptop. I am downloading windows 10 iso file to do clean install, can I install windows 10 pro or do I have to stick with home edition?

    I know if i upgrade from windows 10 app, i will get windows 10 home edition.

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    Windows 10 Pro

    Re: Admin Rights/Ownership of Folders

    After the upgrade from Win7 Pro/64-bit to Win 10 Pro I had been having ongoing issues of certain folders (Pictures, for example) denying my ability to save; permission rights were lacking, or I had to approve an Admin OK via a UAC style prompt. Changing ownership of the folder, or "Stop Sharing" or changing Security permissions ("Home User" to full control) only solved the issue for the present log in. Reboot the system and the problem returned.

    Through some further research, it appears that it is a flaw with OneDrive. As soon as I disabled the OneDrive feature, no more prompts about the permissions to the affected folders. I have read where many are experiencing this, and that MS is becoming aware of the complaints. I think we can expect a patch dealing with this in the near future.

    Other than that, Win 10 has been performing well; and in the last day or so I see MS pushed a DVD Player to the OS, which was not present at the initial launch.
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    Windows 10 Pro

    Black Screen DURING Installation: SOLVED

    It seems there are two separate black screen issues that are being confused. The most common problem, whose fix is pretty much common sense, is that Windows is sending its primary display to a graphics adapter other than the one the monitor is currently connected to. The other problem, whose fix seems to be fate or fortune or none at all, happens during the installation process itself. The installation reboots several times, which is normal. But at one point, while not yet finished with the installation, it reboots to a black screen. There is no cursor and the keyboard is unresponsive, but there is HDD activity. If one reboots, one of two things happens--either it goes right back to that unresponsive but seemingly active state, or it fails and reverts to the previous operating system. I've been searching this topic all evening and the only fixes I see are for the graphics adapter issue.

    I was trying to do the upgrade from Windows Update on friend's PC when, somewhere around 75% to 80%, this problem occurred. I let it run for over an hour and nothing ever changed. As her PC has no reset switch, I powered it off and back on, and it reverted to Windows 7. Some notes: Because she was eager to get Windows 10, I used the AllowOSUpdate registry trick to get Windows Update to make the upgrade available. I disconnected all extraneous hardware, including her internal optical drive, booted up and killed the GWX.exe process (which I had to do to successfully install Windows 10 on my own PC), then began downloading the upgrade. It downloaded and "prepared" without any issues. I'm uncertain of the model, but it's a 4-year-old slimline HP desktop running Windows 7 Home Premium, and there were no Windows 10 compatibility issues reported by GWX.

    I'm not sure which combination of actions made it work, but the installation finally completed! Hooray!
    Here's what I did...
    • Downloaded the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft
    • Used the tool to download Windows 10 Home x64 and create an ISO
    • Burned the ISO to disc
    • Disconnected from the internet
    • Disabled the WiFi adapter and physically removed it (USB)
    • Disabled the graphics adapter (so it wouldn't auto-install) and uninstalled the drivers (selecting the option to delete driver files)
    • Disabled Avast anti-virus and uninstalled it
    • Rebooted
    • Killed the GWX.exe process
    • Deleted the hidden folder $Windows.~BT (created by the previous installation attempt)
    • Ran the upgrade from the disc I created (opting out of looking for additional upgrades)

    Apparently, I had to dumb down the system for the installation to complete, as certain devices, drivers and/or applications can cause a mid-installation hang. My goal was to remove anything that wasn't necessary and luckily that worked!
    Last edited by dynamichael; 14 Aug 2015 at 20:20. Reason: The issue is resolved
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    Win 10

    Ztruker said:
    Here is a good tutorial for How to: Install and Update drivers in Windows 10 by Andre Da Costa.
    Thank you so much for this info.
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    Windows 10 Home

    Devilz said:
    I'm running windows 8.1 home on my desktop and laptop. I am downloading windows 10 iso file to do clean install, can I install windows 10 pro or do I have to stick with home edition? I know if i upgrade from windows 10 app, i will get windows 10 home edition.Thanks
    Not from ISO download. Only if you buy a key or disc for 10 Pro
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