Windows 10: new build totally screwed pc

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    new build totally screwed pc

    firstly it hammered my desktop; had to change all the settings back to how I had it including resolution. Then none of my unstalled games will work, or run with blocky jumping screenplay. Changes in resolution did not change anything. Some games start then freeze. Not amused.
    Currently typing this on my laptop whilst I revert pc to previous build.

    Again I say it, I wish MS would make sure everything works PROPERLY before pushing this stuff out.

    Reverted to previous build now nothing works, desktop opens, but all links including window links dont work; thanks MS, wish there was a viable alterntive
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    Hi, are you taking the defensive measures we repeatedly recommend- use disk imaging routinely so you can readily restore a previous working state quickly, without stress, and without technical help?

    (E.g. Macrium Reflect (free) ).

    This even protects you when your disk fails- which does happen.
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    system restore has apparently been functioning regularly, until i wanted it and the damn pc reports no system restore files. I think its part of the blackout. No file associations, net access connect to blank white screen. - off to the repair store tomorrow it wont even let me access dvd drive for rescue disk.
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       17 Nov 2017 #4

    No one twisted your arm to install the FCU
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    AddRAM said: View Post
    No one twisted your arm to install the FCU
    How do you not install it?

    I have two PC's with Windows 10 and FCU installed by itself during the update process. You can only delay updates for 35 days or whatever the time limit is and after that Windows 10 is going to update whether you want it to or not and from what I have seen it is going to update to FCU whether you want it to or not.
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    You can defer feature updates for 365 days with the Pro Creators Update.

    But yes you will have to upgrade eventually, but IMO later is better then sooner.
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    AddRAM said: View Post
    You can defer feature updates for 365 days with the Pro Creators Update.

    But yes you will have to upgrade eventually, but IMO later is better then sooner.
    Thanks! I did not see that setting before you pointed it out, changes made.
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  8.    18 Nov 2017 #8

    Talk of backups and sys restore is all very well, if I had access. After upgrade was completed I realised something was wrong straight away when my personalised settings eg desktop and resolution was screwed up and looked like a VGA screen. I reset the desktop. I tried a game, which used to be perfect until, it stammered and stuttered, so did others. So I decided to use the revert button. The black screen said windows is being reverted back to previous. And the circle was rotating, so I left it running.

    When I came back the system had apparently finished and it was sitting on my desktop. BUT, I had virtually zero access to any software although file explorer clearly showed all files, folders, drives etc. File Association missing was the result of nearly every button pushed.

    I have a recovery disk but when inserted into dvd drive, it flickers then dies. So I went in via file explorer, no result from clicking on setup.exe.

    The setting switch is inoperative, and when I click on To repair pc, it does nothing. When I try to access net, all I get is a white screen ......

    When pc boots up I have two unopenable windows in taskbar for UAC, but no access. I can access UAC via control panel but it refuses to change setting, being stuck on the top settings, I usually have it centre. UAC tabs refuse to close. could this be the problem?

    'Win update problem fixer' I got into via (cpanel) troubleshooter, its running - it says it has problems and is resolving. Now detecting additional problems, registry etc. solution - service registration is missing or corrupt. - fixed. Tried to access settings - no go. Three finger leads to black screen with cursor. nothing moves, rebooted. UAC flashing again? Says in Task Manager consent UI for administrative applications - task manager can only be accessed from windows system in pop up not three finger. The only way to close open windows is to 'end task'.

    Got search working again, but access to recovery/recovery options is not happening. Reset this pc also dead.

    I set it to open with diagnostics but cant remember how to reset back to full boot. (i forget things so easily)

    Backups and sys restore have all vanished or not available, I dont know which. There should have been a few sys restore points - it tells me its empty. And at least one backup (june).
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    Sorry you're having such a bad experience.

    the damn pc reports no system restore files
    - for info, inevitably and by design- as it should be- system restore points are completely removed on each build upgrade as they only pertain to the build they were created in.

    Restore points preserve system files, drivers, the registry - a sort of snapshot. So if the captured system files are build 1703, they would be irrelevant to build 1709. The captured registry is similarly radically different between builds.

    Reverting to the previous build can be done via advanced startup options (there is a tutorial if that would be of any help to you). 'Go back to the previous build' is the phrase. - but I think you've tried that from what you say.

    Without disk images, I'm not sure what will help other than a clean install as you've tried reset, go back to previous. I'd start by checking your disk - something's badly messed up- there should be a cause.

    E.g. Kyhi's boot disk (top of the Software and Apps section); run HD Tune available on it.
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    my laptop was on , but I was on the pc trying to fix, I didnt ntice 1709 was sneaking in. But, at 81% it said there was an error and reverted back to previous. How do I remove 1709 from windows updates? Otherwise it is going to keep trying
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