Use the install version that corresponds to your computer's architecture - 64 or 32 bit.

Once you activate 'notification' mode, Windows will throw out a 'pop-up' to notify you of updates that are available. Go into 'Windows Update' in 'Settings' & check them out. If there is nothing you don't want, just click 'download'. It will do that & install BUT if there is something you don't want, go into Windows Update MiniTool program & check for updates. When it finishes, put a checkmark beside the one you don't want & choose 'Hide' then choose 'Select All' for the ones you do want installed. Just beware, the program may, in the future, show the update you hide previous so you might have to rehide it again - that's been my experience anyway, YMMV - probably a bug. They haven't come out with a new version since last December.