Windows 10: new build totally screwed pc

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  1.    18 Nov 2017 #11

    Hide or Show Windows Updates in Windows 10 Windows Update Activation Tutorials

    This sort of problem is not new and quite commonly reported here. It means e.g.
    - disk problem
    - partition problem
    - file system problem
    - corrupted Windows
    - conflicting software e.g. AV or other
    - insufficient space
    - connected peripheral esp wireless

    and needs resolving.
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  2.    18 Nov 2017 #12

    elbmek said: View Post
    my laptop was on , but I was on the pc trying to fix, I didnt ntice 1709 was sneaking in. But, at 81% it said there was an error and reverted back to previous. How do I remove 1709 from windows updates? Otherwise it is going to keep trying
    See post #6 from AddRam, you can delay it for 365 days, but that is the best that you can do. Eventually Windows 10 will force the update on you.
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  3.    18 Nov 2017 #13

    thanks idaho, but not getting that box, is it in a particular build/version/pro maybe. I went into 'services' via Task Manager and selected windows update and 'stop' - so hopefully no more upgrades in my laptop, for now. I went to the pc shop and had a lengthy discussion with the man, he has 1709 running smoothly in his machine. He thinks that 1079, when being reverted, removed files from the windows and did not replace them, hence very little actually working. He says it will be no problem to fix with the eqpt he has to hand, and was going to do a full hardware test first to make sure the pc was as it should be, then he will install his 1709 version into mine, and the rest I will work around as and when. He says I wont lose anything of my, or my daughters, thousands of images (99% of which are backed up anyway.)

    Thanks dalchina too, as always you are all a mine of information.
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  4.    18 Nov 2017 #14

    elbmek said: View Post
    thanks idaho, but not getting that box, is it in a particular build/version/pro maybe.
    I am using build 1709 on Windows 10 Pro. Under settings on the update screen did you click on the button for advanced options?
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  5.    18 Nov 2017 #15

    idahosurge said: View Post
    I am using build 1709 on Windows 10 Pro. Under settings on the update screen did you click on the button for advanced options?
    Yes mate,. but its not there, must be a Pro thing. I have Home. I mentioned about services, windows update, stop, which I did. It seems 1709 restarted it and installed on my laptop when I was elsewhere. But, as it seems to be ok, I'll leave it. I double checked services/windows update and it was indeed - running! Win 10 seems to be the most unfriendly version yet. I think MS have something wrong in Bills head, WE should control our machines, not MS.
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  6.    19 Nov 2017 #16

    elbmek said: View Post
    WE should control our machines, not MS.
    +1 I cannot agree more!
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  7.    19 Nov 2017 #17

    Note with Pro you can also set updates to Notify you, so you can choose when (and perhaps whether) to process them.

    MS's concept is clearly to deliver ongoing updates seamlessly in the background (except they forgot about unexpected restarts!!!) -which will work for a good number of people.. but for those for whom it doesn't whether that be for incompatibility, or because their Windows is corrupted in some fashion, or because of something the user has done, it's an absolute pain.
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  8.    21 Nov 2017 #18

    I put my laptop on yesterday morning then went off to make a cuppa tea. Came back and it was installing 1709. (after telling it to wait 3 weeks). So I thought, leave it, and went out. When I came in it had finished and was sitting on a perfectly preserved desktop. It has been in 24 hours without any problems except slower load up of web content. Conclusion: the laptop is not nvidia. The pc is. 1709 must have clashed somehow with nvidia on my pc and produced the visual screw up's. The pc is still in the shop, they are running tests and scans and inverting a HDD I put in upside down (!!!!). Hopefully it will be back today. It will have 1709 in it but installed under a more expert supervision, hopefully.

    Just spoken to shop. They think nvidia took one look at W1709 and said I dont like you!! Anyway, a 1709 patch came yesterday, so I put that in as well. When I told it to revert, thats when the files went missing. They also recommended that I bin Kaspersky as it 'allowed' bugs to enter and reside in pc'. They are installing full ver AVG.
    Last edited by elbmek; 21 Nov 2017 at 07:06.
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  9.    22 Nov 2017 #19

    To prevent automatic download & installation of Windows Updates, including new builds such as the FCU do the following:

    1) Download Windows Update MiniTool
    2) Go into user interface, on the left hand side you will see 'Automatic Updates', change from 'automatically' to 'Notification mode'

    After doing the above, whenever there are updates, you will get a toaster notification that there are updates to install. When you go into Windows Updates, it will show you the updates available to install & you can click 'install now' If there is one you don't want to install, run the MiniTool & check for updates. When the one that you don't want to install appears in the list, put a check mark beside it & click on the option to hide it. Then, if you go back and re-run Windows Update, that update will not appear again.
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  10.    23 Nov 2017 #20

    thanks athan, I did that. I noticed two .exe files x64 and x86, which do I use, or both. There were several drivers in a list, incl canon (printer). I told it notification mode, - do I just leave it now, as there does not seem to be a 'start' button.

    haha! just realised what you mean by 'toaster' notification - we call it pop ups!!
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