Windows 10: windows 10 says sorry but you cant go back win 7 its only been 6 days

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  1.    09 Nov 2017 #11

    I have given up on going back, likely will reinstall win7 entirely somehow.

    The whole problem is there is no suitable usable good WMC replacement. I have tried quite a few.

    I would probably buy a good one if anyone knows of one that is good. So many of them are junk.

    I though I had found one with sichbopvr, but it has serious program guide glitches, like it is supposed to update the program guide hourly, but never does, it only updates if you watch the channel, and not always then either, so you fdont have a clue what is on, and trying to record is very difficult to setup.
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  2.    09 Nov 2017 #12

    sdowney717 said: View Post
    So went from 30 to 10 days and now it is 7 days, what a laugh.
    I tried to use settings, go back to prior os. It said win7 cant go back.
    Then I tried recovery drive usb for win10, troubleshoot, go back.

    These MS guys obviously desperately do not want you to go back, dont trust them if they say you can go back.
    I said 7 but maybe its now 10, it was shortened from the original 30 days. As near as I can remember I have never ever rolled back, never had the need to do it. I have reinstalled Windows 8 after updating to 10. I just did a clean install of Windows 8.

    Just because you can't roll back, doesn't mean everybody can't roll back. Don't make assumptions based of a single case scenario. Maybe your Windows.old is corrupted etc.
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  3. ThrashZone's Avatar
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       09 Nov 2017 #13

    Bummer the utility did not work
    If possible you should make a system image of win-10 before reinstalling 7 just incase you change your mind later on.
    Review this for updating 7 on post #2 it still works I just used it about 45 days ago :)
    Windows Update will not update and I've tried multiple fixes Solved - Windows 7 Help Forums

    Avoiding win-10 again well that is as easy as avoiding the updates that offer the win-10 upgrade.
    Review post #3 here
    Fresh install what updates to avoid - Windows 7 Help Forums

    There is also this
    Disable Upgrade to Windows 10 Update in Windows 7 or 8.1 Windows Update Activation Tutorials
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  4.    09 Nov 2017 #14

    I wouldn't expect to get any "Upgrade to Windows 10" updates in Windows 7. The free upgrade offer has been announced as over. Unofficially you can still do it, but I don't think Microsoft is pushing it via Windows update anymore.
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  5. ThrashZone's Avatar
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       09 Nov 2017 #15

    Yep but I don't believe the op has really said exactly how he ended up upgrading to 10 either :)
    Wonder if it was just a popup message on an MS website.... that the op used ?

    Either way like I said before the upgrade updates are still being delivered through the update system
    Whether they work or not is another story :)
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  6.    09 Nov 2017 #16

    I can verify that current Windows 7 installations are not nagging to upgrade to Windows 10.
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  7.    09 Nov 2017 #17

    I'd like to see a screen shot of the exact message. The exact wording of said message.
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  8.    09 Nov 2017 #18

    sdowney717 said: View Post
    Oh I WILL have win 7 again on that PC, I have a copy on another PC that I can use. Just a pain, MS you dont want me to go back, but I will, you can not stop me.

    only 6 days and MS screws me over with a promise that turns out to be a lie.
    First it said 30 days during the upgrade, promised if I did not like could revrt, then I find it is really only 10 days. Now after 6 days they say can not go back, HAHAHA!
    You are seriously over reacting. Something has glitched -it is not deliberate.

    Too late to do anything now. In future, learn how to make image backups before doing ANY major change.

    e.g. Backup and Restore with Macrium Reflect Backup Restore Tutorials
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  9.    09 Nov 2017 #19

    I discovered something, maybe I can go back.

    I had made a cloned copy of win10, it boots and works fine.
    I had then tried to go back on the cloned copy, and that failed.

    I just plugged in the originally installed drive, and tried to go back and it says I can. And gave me a screen asking for the reason.

    I have destroyed the clone, so I suppose now I should remake the clone of win10 and try to go back again using the original noncloned drive. What a pain.

    If I go back to win 7 on the original non cloned drive, will the cloned win10 drive still work? Regardless win10 is not useful to me on this media TV pc anyway.
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  10. ThrashZone's Avatar
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       09 Nov 2017 #20

    Clone is a clone it will work no matter what you do
    Well unless you format it that will make it not a clone anymore :)
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