Windows 10: Fall Creators Update fails to install

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       01 Nov 2017 #21

    SimonFastEddy said: View Post
    ... The 3rd-party download was 3.2 GB and it fitted the 4.7 GB DVD. I have an idea the new MCTs are now over 4.7 GB. I may be able to use my original MCT ... I will give it a go.
    You'll need the latest MCT. Each MCT is tied to make the version it was released for - the exception to this rule is the 1703 MCT which if you run it now says there's a newer MCT available and will download it for you.

    I make the USB rather than an ISO, but the 64-bit USB is 3.58GB, so the ISO should be about the same. As I recall, it was 1703's ISO that needed a dual-layer DVD - looks like MS have been careful to reduce the size again for 1709.
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    Hi Bree,

    Thank you for the details. I am waiting now for midnight and my Plusnet account to deliver free broadband. I'm at 9.57 GB of 10 GB limit. It's going to be another busy night.

    I will use the optical DVD-R first off. I can play with the USB later, if the current MCTs deliver ISO oversized.

    You will never guess this one....that Dell GX620 I've been working on has just sporadically woken from hibernate (again). Since Fall Creators Update they (3 PCs) are waking up any-old-how; every one of them. It was a challenge searching UpdateOrchestrator in Task Scheduler to find the WOL active components and silence them in 2016-17. This time I can't find any "Wake the computer to run this task" boxes responsible and the same applies in Device Manager (e.g. Network Adapter) no ticks to remove.

    There is a new-kid-on-the-block: Event 916. I am wondering if it's: "The beta feature EseDisk Flush. Consistency is enabled in ESENT due to beta site mode settings 0x80000 ". Otherwise all I can think is that the sensitivity of a magic packet detector has been changed such that noise on the line is doing the waking up.

    Anyone getting WOL issues?

    From SimonFastEddy
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       01 Nov 2017 #23

    SimonFastEddy said: View Post
    I am waiting now for midnight and my Plusnet account to deliver free broadband. I'm at 9.57 GB of 10 GB limit. It's going to be another busy night.
    I don't know how you can live with anything that small. My BT cap started out at 10GB, but loyalty bonuses have pushed that up to 30GB now.
    BT (31 Oct) said:
    You have used 17.06 GB of your monthly 30 GB allowance and have 12.94 GB remaining.
    Your average monthly usage is 15.86 GB.
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       01 Nov 2017 #24

    Hi Bree,

    It isn't easy living with a <10 GB allowance. BUT it's far easier than living with a >100 GB one.
    I used to be (12 years working) a PHLS laboratory microbiologist and then a bit of crystallography, then I turned around a lens manufacturing lab and in the 1980s went into 13 years of unemployment, when I developed my own metal fabrication workshop. From 2003 I was at Royal Mail and I finished in 2015, retiring this year. In austerity, work isn't in any of our controllable groups so there isn't any point fretting about it. That's a British Cycling philosophy (Sports Psychology - Steve Peters): I adapted. I learned to live without income for 4 years and 75 a week on JSA.

    So - to cope with 10 GB allowance I work over-night. It's just Royal Mail on a 12 hour shift, zero-hour contract. Don't fight it....I've used 27 GB this month mostly on nights. TenForums and Bugzilla reduced my download, load. There was a problem of slow and stuttering scrolling, through spreadsheets, in LibreOffice; it was getting into the Internet; I experienced it, confirmed it and I went to Bugzilla recently. Today, a few weeks past and it is resolved. The only downside of this mode of working is social isolation - no conversation for days, weeks, months (even) on end. It is often as if I am the only person on the planet. My daily social contacts (face-to-face) are less than 1.

    So - the trick is to be tolerant, flexible and learn new ways fast: e.g. abandon the motor-bike and become a road race bike enthusiast instead. Don't dwell on a problem; give it to a problem solver who can resolve it and in return accept a problem to resolve.

    So - these forums act as problem exchanges. They also have an amplification factor. One problem resolved is a million people assisted.

    So - the 10 GB is a box which can be thought out of...if the British attached just one more donkey to the front of their donkey cart they would make double the forwards progress. Linux is a typical example...looks like a child's toy which doesn't map easily onto Windows.

    Dear wife! I knew the computer would come between us one day, when you took it to bed with you!

    From SimonFastEddy
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       11 Nov 2017 #25

    Hello Bree and members,

    I have posted a question on Superuser. I am having Windows 10 v1709 breaking out of hibernate sporadically. I am testing my current working computer as well as a clean installation.
    powercfg /lastwake shows no entries. All the remedies on Superuser failed to resolve the issue.

    I checked Event Viewer and found nothing memorable. However, a Task Scheduler search (I expanded and individually clicked the entries) along the path and there was the solitary entry matching the wake-up times: Task Scheduler > Microsoft > Windows > Feedback > Siuf > DmClientOnScenarioDownload for the two PCs that woke from hibernate this morning 11/11/2017 (04:18:xx) 11/11/2017 (05:30/xx).

    I am thinking it may be another mcupdates issue.

    Any ideas will be gratefully it a likely cause of waking up or just an outcome?... Computers are in the bedroom....

    Hell has no fury like a woman scorned...From SimonFastEddy
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       12 Nov 2017 #26

    Hello Bree and everybody, (From SimonFastEddy)

    Just to say that DNClientOnScenarioDownload when Disabled in Task Scheduler DIDN'T stop the Dell 755 from waking from hibernation randomly.

    I have had a rethink.

    There may be three causes: a noisy connection; malicious magic packets; a task in task scheduler that could wake a computer but is hidden.

    I did a manual search along the task scheduler explorer tree; there are no tasks with the checkbox ticked for "Wake the computer".

    That doesn't mean that there are no tasks: they could be hidden. So - how do I reveal hidden tasks? Does anyone know of any?

    I am guessing that Fall Creators Update will be sorted in three months at the next update: that's the M$ pattern.

    M$ policy: All KISS and Make-up?
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