Windows 10: re-installing Windows 10, error 0xC1900101 - 0x20017: bad drivers?

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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit
       28 Oct 2017 #21
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  2.    29 Oct 2017 #22

    I have read up on upgrading to Windows 10 before. In this particular case, the computer in question had been running Windows 10 when MS first offered the upgrade. Unfortunately the secondary hard-drive died on me and I was forced to re-install Windows. I had tried to install Windows 10 directly, but it wasn't working which is why I ended up using my old Windows 8 install disc. Windows 8 is still better than staring at a black screen. So, I know that my computer should be running it and I already have the upgrade for this computer, but I was getting that error that I mentioned at the beginning. Right now, the computer is bare bones, meaning I don't have any extra device plugged in to complicate the driver situation (except for the USB LAN). I think when I originally installed Windows 10 I had a different USB LAN, but right after I installed Windows, I had to change it (the OLD USB LAN) was not Windows 10 compatible.

    I suppose I could live with the old version, but I have come to prefer Windows 10 over Windows 8. Also, the rest of my office is using Windows 10 right now, and the networking situation is much easier when all the machines are on the same network.
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit
       29 Oct 2017 #23

    Please update the specs in the "My Computer" section:
    How To Fill Out Your System Specs
    How To Fill Out Your System Specs
    System Specs - Fill in at Ten Forums:
    System Specs - Fill in at Ten Forums General Tips Tutorials
    In the left corner below in your post you find 'My System Specs'.
    After clicking it you can find a link a little below that says 'Update your System Spec', click on this link to get to the page where you can fill in your system specs.
    System Info - See Your System Specs - Windows 7 Help Forums

    Once you upgrade from windows 7 or 8 to windows 10 there should be a digital license.
    There are multiple factors that contribute to the maintenance of the digital license.
    So with a hardware change even the motherboard change should allow you use the windows 10 operating system.
    You have a Windows 8 installation disk and can always reinstall Windows 8.
    Are your files backed up?
    If so you can perform a clean install (delete partitions, format, make an unallocated drive, and reinstall windows 10.)

    Perform the following steps:
    1) Create a bootable windows 10 iso:
    Download Windows 10
    2) Insert the windows 10 iso into a USB port
    3) Power on the computer and repetitively click the applicable keyboard key.
    If this does not work then change the bios boot order so that the USB port is on top.
    List of PC brands with their corresponding hot-keys
    4) When the boot option menu appears click external USB hard drive
    5) Choose language, time, currency, and keyboard
    6) click install
    7) Delete all partitions
    8) Make an unallocated drive
    9) Install Windows 10 version 1709

    View this link for images and text:
    Clean Install Windows 10 Installation Upgrade Tutorials

    If you can perform a clean install please choose English as the default language.
    Japanese can be added later.
    Then post a new zip:
    BSOD - Posting Instructions - Windows 10 Forums
    We can then troubleshoot the computer viewing the English logs and not have the current problem.
    Once we have completed troubleshooting you can add Japanese or you can perform another clean install and use Japanese as the default language.
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  4.    29 Oct 2017 #24

    I'll try to make sure I do all that once I get to work today!
    FYI: I have already make a DVD to install Windows 10. I don't know why, but my computer doesn't seem to have the option to boot up with a USB key. In the BIOS menu, it just doesn't give me the option. It's really frustrating! Unfortunately, the Windows 10 disc takes me through all the steps, installs it, then comes up with some sort of error (I can't really tell because of the language) and then says it has to reinstall Windows 8. I am NOT given the option of which language to use. When that option does come up, there is only Japanese in the list. In the past, the same has happened, and I have to change English to the default language in the time/date section.

    I did do a hard drive re-partition, but it must have not happened properly as I noticed that the old windows install information was still there. I guess I just have to do everything again once more.
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  5.    30 Oct 2017 #25

    I just had similar driver problems upgrading a really old PC. I solved it this way.

    1. Delete existing Windows upgrade folders - C:\$WINDOWS.~BT etc
    2. Disable all non-essential peripherals in the BIOS - sound, unused SATA ports etc
    3. Disable stuff still showing in Device Manager which is non-essential
    4. Disconnect all drives preferably just leaving the system drive connected
    5. Check remaining drivers in Device Manager and use MS drivers where possible, else the latest drivers for the OS you are upgrading from
    6. Remove any 3rd party anti virus
    7. Disable antivirus & firewall ( don't start web browsing after you do this!)
    8. Defrag / Trim the system drive and run CHKDSK
    9. Use the Media Creation Tool to create a USB Windows 10 install disk
    10. Run setup.exe from the USB stick and hope for the best!

    Once Windows 10 installs and activates you can then start reconnecting and enabling your devices. Windows 10 should find the drivers needed unless you have esoteric hardware.

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  6.    30 Oct 2017 #26

    Thanks for the advice! I was really busy today and didn't have a chance to do anything today. I'll heed your advice tomorrow.

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  7.    01 Nov 2017 #27

    I was finally able to install Windows 10! The problem was that my hard drive was in AHCI mode rather than IDE and Windows 10 was unable to see it during setup. I didn't notice it because all the error messages were in Japanese and I could only understand about 50% of the messages. I finally noticed when I just looked at the icon and wondered why the number was zero (it was looking at the DVD drive). I don't know why Windows 8 was able to see it, but not Windows 10.

    Anyway, I switched it over and voila, I was able to install it.

    Oh, and for everyone's information, I had the home version which is only allowed to be installed with one language (in this case Japanese) so I was unable to do what you were requesting. Once I had Windows 10 installed, I was able to download the appropriate language packs and have English as the default language.

    Thanks to everyone for helping me and giving me advice!

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       01 Nov 2017 #28

    If you needed IDE this drive and computer is older than dirt :)
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  9.    01 Nov 2017 #29

    Ha ha...Actually, I'm not sure how old it is, but it is a SATA drive. I built the computer about 8 years ago but I'm not even sure it's the original drive. I've had to replace them now and then. It's an old clunker of a computer, but it's still fast enough to do what I need at work. I was surprised that it ran much quicker with Windows 10 installed than the original XP.
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       01 Nov 2017 #30

    X-P yep that is the time frame for IDE :)
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