I have a problem with deploying a new windows 10 pro custom image . when the syspreped image is currently deployed and a domain user logs on after the domain\administrator account the user profile doesn't appear to create properly and the web browser does not open except if you right click run as administrator. Process so far has been:

Fresh install of windows 10 pro and boot into sysprep audit mode using ctrl shift +f3 at oobe

Machine logs in with built in admin account I then install updates and apps and remove all built in apps except store and edge via PowerShell .

Run sysprep with generalize oobe and unattend and shutdown switches the unattend points to an answer file with the copy profile set to true to copy the user profile built under the built in admin account to the default profile which all users who login to the machine receive

From there I take a wim image of the machine using a Windows PE disk and the dism tool when a machine a booted with the new image it successfully runs through the oobe process of setting up a local account that I use to join the machine to the domain. This is where the plot thickens if I log on the machine using a regular domain user account the profile creates as everything should finishing with let’s start , and the web browser opens and runs correctly. If however I login with the domain administrator account i:e domain\administrator and then login with say my own account my profile doesn’t appear to create properly, after the message we’re getting everything ready for you the screen goes black before loading the desktop. When you load the browser it doesn’t work.

However if I delete the domain\administrator user profile from the machine and then login with a regular domain account the machine the users profile creates correctly with a working browser. So in short if the domain\administrator user profile is present on the windows 10 machine no other users who log in seem to get a browser that works properly. I have run sfc/scannow also dism /online cleanup-image /scanhealth and both report no errors.

Has anyone else had similar issues and how did you resolve

Thanks and sorry for the missive