I've just brought a new SSD to replace my main HDD, I currently have Windows 7 Home 64bit.
I wan't to upgrade to Windows 10 I'm just not too sure on the best option, from what I understand I have a few options, I am just unsure of how the licensing/activation works?

I could create a system image of my current Win 7HDD and restore it onto the SSD then upgrade to Win 10; then perform a clean install
What about upgrading my current Win7 HDD to Win 10; creating a system image of that then restore onto the SSD and perform a clean install (I'm sure Win10 has a clean install feature?)

Now here is what I would prefer to do, download the Windows 10 ISO file and create a disc, usb etc then install on my SSD, I'm not too sure how the licensing/activation would work? Any help?