Yes, no PID.txt file, totally stock unmodified install media. PC has a Windows 8.0 Core OEM embedded key. I now get prompted for a key and when I select "I don't have one" I get the selection menu.
It's actually what I've been wanting for a while. As far as Windows 8/8.1 keys go. Just look for and use OEM 10 keys. This the only PC I have with an OEM embedded key and not the one I usually do test installs on. I have an old beater desktop PC that I use for that.
I noticed this no key detection a while back, and mentioned it here in a thread. Somebody else reported their key was read and used so I just dropped it, assuming it was a glitch of some sort. I meant to, but didn't, do anymore testing. I got side tracked onto something else. Seeing that it wasn't just a one time glitch (for me anyway) I decided to start a thread on it and see what others are experiencing. All my PC's now have multiple Digital Licenses for Home, pro, Education, and Enterprise. Some intentional some not. Most are the result of my doing test installs, and trying different Editions. I'm not big on using VM, I like using real hard ware when I can.