Windows 10: "The CPU isn't supported" error true or not

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  1.    29 Jul 2015 #1

    "The CPU isn't supported" error true or not

    I have gotten the app in my Windows 7 system. There was the warning/error "The CPU isn't supported", but still said "Your upgrade is reserved!"
    I assumed that the reservation would over-run the error. I thought: why would windows 10 accept the reservation, with having the CPU not up-to-date? But now the app is saying I can't upgrade because of my CPU not being supported.

    I have a desktop Asus CG5275.
    -Windows 7 Pro 32-bit
    -Intel Core i5-650 3.20GHz CPU
    -Intel HD Graphics card
    CPUID CPU-Z info: screenshot
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CPU info.JPG 
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ID:	26473

    I want to know if my pc really can't upgrade because of an outdated CPU or if it is possible to upgrade.

    *I know it's the release date now, so I might not get it free. I don't know if my reservaion is still viable.

    Hope I can get some help,
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  2.    29 Jul 2015 #2

    I upgraded pc's that have older Intel cpu's with no problem. Two of my PC's that upgraded have about 5 year old processors. An Intel Core i5 750 and an Intel Core i5 2400. Both are running Windows 10 just fine. The first is in a Dell Inspiron 580 desktop and the second is in a Dell Optiplex 790 desktop.

    I am running Windows 10 x64 on both systems. Both systems are upgraded to the latest Dell bios.

    If you are currently running Windows 7 or 8/8.1, you have 1 year from today to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. If you don't upgrade within that year, then you would have to buy a copy of Windows 10 in order to upgrade (after July 29, 2016).

    Go to the link below and download the Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade tool. When you run the program it will ask if you want to upgrade your computer or download a copy of Windows 10 for use to make media (DVD or USB bootable drive).

    Windows 10
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  3. Fafhrd's Avatar
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       29 Jul 2015 #3

    Windows 8.1 and 10 setup has CPU feature checks - PAE, SSE2, NX, (CMPXCHG16B only for x64) to install. If not enabled the checks fail. Your processor is a baby to my 10-year old (Pentium 4 Prescott) and has all these features for a 32-bit install, but they may be disabled.
    You could check your bios to see if the NX or XD (NoeXecute or eXecute Disable) and PAE (Physical Address Extension) features are enabled.

    I think it is F2 key to enter setup at boot, it could be del. Your black and white screen, after the video bios has loaded will say press F2 for setup or similar.

    The free upgrade period lasts for a year - don't worry.:)
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  4.    30 Jul 2015 #4

    Antilope said: View Post
    Go to the link below and download the Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade tool. When you run the program it will ask if you want to upgrade your computer or download a copy of Windows 10 for use to make media (DVD or USB bootable drive).

    Windows 10
    I downloaded the Media Creation Tool and when I ran it, I got the "Something Happened" error.
    Is there someway I can download Windows 10 by another site, or a direct link to an .ISO (that is legal of course)?

    Fafhrd said: View Post
    You could check your bios to see if the NX or XD (NoeXecute or eXecute Disable) and PAE (Physical Address Extension) features are enabled.
    I have looked all around BIOS for eXecute Disable and PAE. I can't find anything? Do I need to upgrade BIOS, and how would I do that?
    I found out that you can enable PAE through Command Prompt.
    bcdedit /set [{ID}] pae ForceEnable

    But I am unsure about the {ID} part. Is this the right path, or should I focus on going through BIOS?

    EDIT: FYI I am also triple booting this computer. All three are Windows 7, but the current partition is the only one I want to upgrade. I don't know if this is helpful or not...
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  5.    30 Jul 2015 #5

    eXecute disable must be enabled in the BIOS. If you have that you will have PAE. Setting PAE as in your post is for an entirely different purpose and is essentially useless except for some highly unusual situations.
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  6. Fafhrd's Avatar
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       30 Jul 2015 #6

    On my much older Asus Motherboard BIOS after hitting del, I go to a dos-type tab style menu - under the advanced part the no execute function can be toggled between enable and disable.

    From what I see here:
    ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download CG5275

    You may wish to check that the up-to-date chipset drivers are installed

    in the manual there is:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	AIasuse.PNG 
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Size:	81.5 KB 
ID:	26943

    A support DVD which gives access to the BIOS among other things, and is an application that runs under windows.

    It is found in the download - utilities - ASUS AI Manager V1.08.07 for Windows 32/64bit XP & 32/64bit Vista & 32/64bit 7 - it may need to be run in compatibility mode, if it runs? (forgetting you are running Win 7, sorry.) But there is no documentation, so I cannot tell if it can do what you need to know. is a tiny free and safe utility that tells you if Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is available on your system. (NX)

    Coreinfo is a utility that checks your processor for many features including PAE


    It runs from an admin command prompt, and produces an output in the console - you can capture that output to a text file with the command *<pathto>coreinfo > C:\coreinfo.txt <enter> and then notepad c:\coreinfo.txt <enter> to open the text file in notepad

    *You can copy coreinfo.exe to C:\ then the <pathto> is C:\coreinfo

    there is also an intel processor utility:
    Intel Download Center

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  7.    30 Jul 2015 #7

    I downloaded SecurAble. Here are my results:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	SecurAble.JPG 
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ID:	26962

    Coreinfo gave me better results.

    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU         650  @ 3.20GHz
    x86 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2, GenuineIntel
    Microcode signature: 0000000E
    HTT           *    Hyperthreading enabled
    HYPERVISOR    -    Hypervisor is present
    VMX           *    Supports Intel hardware-assisted virtualization
    SVM           -    Supports AMD hardware-assisted virtualization
    X64           *    Supports 64-bit mode
    SMX           *    Supports Intel trusted execution
    SKINIT        -    Supports AMD SKINIT
    NX            *    Supports no-execute page protection
    SMEP          -    Supports Supervisor Mode Execution Prevention
    SMAP          -    Supports Supervisor Mode Access Prevention
    PAGE1GB       -    Supports 1 GB large pages
    PAE           *    Supports > 32-bit physical addresses
    PAT           *    Supports Page Attribute Table
    PSE           *    Supports 4 MB pages
    PSE36         *    Supports > 32-bit address 4 MB pages
    PGE           *    Supports global bit in page tables
    SS            *    Supports bus snooping for cache operations
    VME           *    Supports Virtual-8086 mode
    RDWRFSGSBASE    -    Supports direct GS/FS base access
    FPU           *    Implements i387 floating point instructions
    MMX           *    Supports MMX instruction set
    MMXEXT        -    Implements AMD MMX extensions
    3DNOW         -    Supports 3DNow! instructions
    3DNOWEXT      -    Supports 3DNow! extension instructions
    SSE           *    Supports Streaming SIMD Extensions
    SSE2          *    Supports Streaming SIMD Extensions 2
    SSE3          *    Supports Streaming SIMD Extensions 3
    SSSE3         *    Supports Supplemental SIMD Extensions 3
    SSE4a         -    Supports Streaming SIMDR Extensions 4a
    SSE4.1        *    Supports Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.1
    SSE4.2        *    Supports Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.2
    AES           *    Supports AES extensions
    AVX           -    Supports AVX intruction extensions
    FMA           -    Supports FMA extensions using YMM state
    MSR           *    Implements RDMSR/WRMSR instructions
    MTRR          *    Supports Memory Type Range Registers
    XSAVE         -    Supports XSAVE/XRSTOR instructions
    OSXSAVE       -    Supports XSETBV/XGETBV instructions
    RDRAND        -    Supports RDRAND instruction
    RDSEED        -    Supports RDSEED instruction
    CMOV          *    Supports CMOVcc instruction
    CLFSH         *    Supports CLFLUSH instruction
    CX8           *    Supports compare and exchange 8-byte instructions
    CX16          *    Supports CMPXCHG16B instruction
    BMI1          -    Supports bit manipulation extensions 1
    BMI2          -    Supports bit manipulation extensions 2
    ADX           -    Supports ADCX/ADOX instructions
    DCA           -    Supports prefetch from memory-mapped device
    F16C          -    Supports half-precision instruction
    FXSR          *    Supports FXSAVE/FXSTOR instructions
    FFXSR         -    Supports optimized FXSAVE/FSRSTOR instruction
    MONITOR       *    Supports MONITOR and MWAIT instructions
    MOVBE         -    Supports MOVBE instruction
    ERMSB         -    Supports Enhanced REP MOVSB/STOSB
    PCLMULDQ      *    Supports PCLMULDQ instruction
    POPCNT        *    Supports POPCNT instruction
    LZCNT         -    Supports LZCNT instruction
    SEP           *    Supports fast system call instructions
    LAHF-SAHF     *    Supports LAHF/SAHF instructions in 64-bit mode
    HLE           -    Supports Hardware Lock Elision instructions
    RTM           -    Supports Restricted Transactional Memory instructions
    DE            *    Supports I/O breakpoints including CR4.DE
    DTES64        *    Can write history of 64-bit branch addresses
    DS            *    Implements memory-resident debug buffer
    DS-CPL        *    Supports Debug Store feature with CPL
    PCID          -    Supports PCIDs and settable CR4.PCIDE
    INVPCID       -    Supports INVPCID instruction
    PDCM          *    Supports Performance Capabilities MSR
    RDTSCP        *    Supports RDTSCP instruction
    TSC           *    Supports RDTSC instruction
    TSC-DEADLINE    -    Local APIC supports one-shot deadline timer
    TSC-INVARIANT    *    TSC runs at constant rate
    xTPR          *    Supports disabling task priority messages
    EIST          *    Supports Enhanced Intel Speedstep
    ACPI          *    Implements MSR for power management
    TM            *    Implements thermal monitor circuitry
    TM2           *    Implements Thermal Monitor 2 control
    APIC          *    Implements software-accessible local APIC
    x2APIC        -    Supports x2APIC
    CNXT-ID       -    L1 data cache mode adaptive or BIOS
    MCE           *    Supports Machine Check, INT18 and CR4.MCE
    MCA           *    Implements Machine Check Architecture
    PBE           *    Supports use of FERR#/PBE# pin
    PSN           -    Implements 96-bit processor serial number
    PREFETCHW     *    Supports PREFETCHW instruction
    Maximum implemented CPUID leaves: 0000000B (Basic), 80000008 (Extended).
    Logical to Physical Processor Map:
    *-*-  Physical Processor 0 (Hyperthreaded)
    -*-*  Physical Processor 1 (Hyperthreaded)
    Logical Processor to Socket Map:
    ****  Socket 0
    Logical Processor to NUMA Node Map:
    ****  NUMA Node 0
    No NUMA nodes.
    Logical Processor to Cache Map:
    *-*-  Data Cache          0, Level 1,   32 KB, Assoc   8, LineSize  64
    *-*-  Instruction Cache   0, Level 1,   32 KB, Assoc   4, LineSize  64
    *-*-  Unified Cache       0, Level 2,  256 KB, Assoc   8, LineSize  64
    -*-*  Data Cache          1, Level 1,   32 KB, Assoc   8, LineSize  64
    -*-*  Instruction Cache   1, Level 1,   32 KB, Assoc   4, LineSize  64
    -*-*  Unified Cache       1, Level 2,  256 KB, Assoc   8, LineSize  64
    ****  Unified Cache       2, Level 3,    4 MB, Assoc  16, LineSize  64
    Logical Processor to Group Map:
    ****  Group 0
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  8. Fafhrd's Avatar
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       30 Jul 2015 #8

    I can't see anything that is incompatible there PAE, NX, SSE2 and CX16 are all there.
    Perhaps it is a bug in the upgrade readiness detection program.
    You are running a 32-bit OS Windows 7 on a 64-bit processor - perhaps that has confused it? Ask Microsoft -they should have support in place by now may fix it

    Except it seems impossible to find Log on to sevenforums to avoid all the competing adverts and go to Is there a way to download KB2952664 directly? Solved - Windows 7 Help Forums

    I don't have windows 7 to test things, sorry, I can't test this
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  9.    30 Jul 2015 #9

    I was wondering about the conflict between a 64-bit PC and a 32-bit Windows 7.

    I have had to reformat and adjust partitions lately. I had to reinstall Windows 7 (in this partition) from scratch. Got out my Win98, Windows XP, and Windows 7 CD's. They were upgrades, which had me stuck at 32-bit. I was a bit disappointed because this computer worked great with 64-bit before....anyways,

    I downloaded the KB2952664 directly with the .msu file. Took a couple seconds.
    I refreshed Windows Update but nothing.

    Any tips? Getting frustrated!
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  10. Fafhrd's Avatar
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       30 Jul 2015 #10

    Reboot after update, no 3rd party antivirus running, MSE and Defender only, and check for new updates advertising themselves in windows update, or check for updates. Did you do the chipset update check, and update drivers if needed?
    Media Creation tool - to create windows.iso - It does a check on your system to make sure it can run with the hardware and that you are all genuine etc

    Windows 10 ISO Download - Windows 10 Forums.

    You could PM me with a copy of Panther folder from that $windows.~WS it creates, and I'll look over it in the morning, but I must sleep now.
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