Windows 10 install stuck at black screen without cursor or anything

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    Windows 7 Home premium
       09 Aug 2015 #281

    I get a black screen with no cursor when upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 during the third step of the installation (about 85%). I also noticed that during the third restart, after the second step a message tells me that there is a fatal Error with something with AMD but I have a Nvidia gtx 760 card. I also tried to connect a second monitor on my graphics card but it is not detected. Finaly IGPU is turned off in the BIOS. Thanks for your help.
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  2.    09 Aug 2015 #282

    Nefadozone said: View Post
    If all of those methods (which I had tried) don't work, leave your system on the black screen with or without a cursor overnight. (And give that mind a rest!) Some miracle happened while I was sleeping that seemed to resolve this problem that came up only after Windows 10 updated itself just yesterday morning. So much frustration, I wiped a SDD thinking I lost all of my files until I looked over to see my laptop revving up on my television after nearly a 16 hour wait.

    The night before: I saw that for a split second when the cursor appeared after moving it that it had a loading spinner beside it. Figured it was installing something and gave it more than plenty of time to do what it needed to do.
    I left mine in the hung stage for seven hours and nada. Then I tried hooking up to the TV with HDMI; still nada.
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    Windows 7 Home premium
       10 Aug 2015 #283

    Well it's good I finally managed to make the upgrade to Windows 10: I simply uninstall my antivirus avast before launching the update and everything went well !
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  4.    10 Aug 2015 #284

    Minestro said: View Post
    Well it's good I finally managed to make the upgrade to Windows 10: I simply uninstall my antivirus avast before launching the update and everything went well !
    I'll have to try that with my BitDefender AV. I don't relish doing that, but worth a try I guess.
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  5.    11 Aug 2015 #285

    I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro from Windows 7 Pro a week ago and after 5 days it crashed while I was transferring files from a backup HDD and when I try to reboot it goes completely black and no cursor. Only the BIOS recognises the SSD in the Disk Priority selection but won't is nowhere to be seen when booting from the Win 7 DVD or when I run Windows 7 from my back up drive so I can't format it. I've updated my BIOS and tried different power and SATA cables as well as a different graphics card which all leads to nowhere. I can't even get into safe mode. The SSD I was using was a year old OCZ Vertex 460 240GB which at this point I assume is now dead. Anyone have any ideas?
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  6.    13 Aug 2015 #286

    I was dealing with this same issue, following various snippets of advice from these forums to try and fix the problem. Using a Dell 7537 Inspiron laptop with Nvidia GeForce graphics card which was at least part of the problem. Did a cold boot, uninstalled AV, disabled Defender, removed any SD cards or USB devices - stripped to basic. Thanks goodness it's a touch screen cause I disabled the keyboard too and didn't have an external keyboard at home. Updated the GeForce driver and I was finally able to successfully load W10 but after one restart once again got the black screen with no cursor. What worked for me was updating the BIOS after booting into safe mode and then running the GeForce Experience app which detected the driver was out of date, even though I had downloaded the most recent. Once that driver installed again, I was able to restart into normal mode, restore my boot settings and everything now appears to be working just fine. Painful experience.
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  7.    13 Aug 2015 #287

    Windows 10 & NVidia

    I've also got a problem with NVidia & windows 10. Was running W7 (which was installed along side Windows XP on separate HD) and decided to go with the free download for W10. It installed and came to the desktop for about 20 secs or so - then complete black and just the mouse showing. Rebooted back to XP and checked the net. Apparantly there is a huge problem with W10 & Nvidia with loads of people having the same problem. I decided to try & rollback to W7 but when I tried this from the settings it informed me that no previous version of Windows could be found, even though it has saved the W7 installation files and stored them in a folder called Windows.old. Thought I would delve into the BIOS and check the display settings - ha ha, can't get into the BIOS anymore. I am not sure if this is because W10 has done summit to delay the keyboard but now I can't get to the BIOS nor can I get to safe mode. Tried putting my W7 install disc in and reboot - doesn't even know there is a cd in the drive. So now I can't remove W10, can't get back to W7 and can't even boot with a CD. Thank you very much Microsoft. Spent 3 days now trying to get this sorted and am well pi***d off. Anyone had this or similar problems. My mobo is Abit IP35 Pro XE and gfx card is NVidia 9600 GT
    Addition: 14 Aug 2015
    I removed my Microsoft USB keyboard and all other USB devices except the mouse. I put an old PS2 keyboard in, done a reboot and hey presto - I can now press DEL and access my BIOS. I have read reports that Windows can't alter the BIOS. If this is true then how do you explain this? W10 definitely blocked, or at the very least, delayed access to my USB keyboard. This solved one problem but when it boots I still have exactly the same problem - I get the desktop for about 20-30 secs then bang - black screen with mouse. Due to the number of people having very similar problems, has anyone heard of Microsoft coming up with a solution for this. I wish I'd never seen Windows 10.
    Addition: 15 Aug 2015
    Now that I got my keyboard back I went into BIOS and set to boot from CD 1st. I put my W7 disc in and went to repair. It told me the boot section was wrong and like an idiot I selected to repair it. BIG MISTAKE. Took the disc out and reboot. Before I done this I used to get a choice - boot to W10 or boot to previous version of windows (which in my case was XP on a different HD). Now it just boots straight to W10 so I can't even get back to my old XP. Anyone got any ideas how I can use BCedit to restore this or any other way I can boot back to XP?
    Any help greatly appreciated.
    Boot problem solved
    I found a program called Neosmart EasyBCD 2.2. (free). Booted into W10, ran this program and told it to add an entry (XP). At first it told me it couldn't find XP on any partition. I then ran Disc Management and my XP partition was there but without a drive letter (i.e. C: or E: etc.) So I gave it a drive letter, closed disc manager and ran EasyBCD again. With about 2 or 3 mouse clicks it had found XP. Done another reboot and now I have the choice - W10 or XP. Considering this program is free it must be worth it's weight in gold and is just sooo easy. Is this just another trick W10 has got up it's sleeve - removing drive letters?
    BTW, if anyone is wondering how I can run programs from W10 with a totally black screen (still not solved this problem), press Ctrl-Alt-Del and bring up the task manager. Select File from the menu and Run Program. Type the name of the program i.e. diskmgmt.msc. If you want to open windows explorer, right click on a program name from the list in Task Manager and select open folder. A list of useful commands can be found if you type in your browser- 156 Useful Run Commands. (Forum won't let me put the full url in). I'm just doing it this way till I can find a solution to the black screen problem. And yes - still totally p***ed off with the whole scenario. Wasted about 4 days now and still counting.
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  8.    13 Aug 2015 #288

    Sadly, i got more or less the same problem. My setup: AMD Athlon 4200+ X2, Asus m2n sli deluxe (no onboard graphics whatsoever), DDR2 Ram 2 GB, Geforce 8800 GTX.

    So far i was running win 8.1 pro, and decided to upgrade after being prompted to do so by the win10 - app. Worst decision ever, apparently. It entered installation, got up to around 70ish% and told me i should wait for the reboot. It rebooted, showed the circling digits for a second, froze and went into a blank screen. After checking on the hdd-activity led, it still was working and did various reboot cycles shortly afterwards. Final result was a black, blank screen. Going back to 8.1 was not possible, as my boot-cd told me i should first enter the running system (there was none). After much back and forth and installing 8.1. again on another disk, i tried the fix with narrator and look what i've got: it read the windows welcome screen to me! I entered pwd and stuff, it set itself up, and now i can access desktop. Yet, and i still cannot believe it: without any video output. I am on a single screen system, no multi screen allowed in BIOS, no internal gfx. Resetting resolution didnt work for me, as did the fix with win+p. Am sitting in front of a black screen and hear narrator telling me stories of 1000 and one nights. Any further advice?
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  9.    14 Aug 2015 #289

    My SSD just stops completely after "Verifying dmi pool data..." and goes black.
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  10.    15 Aug 2015 #290

    klemenhe said: View Post
    Hey guys I think I have found a solution:
    Now this problem is most likely happening because you have multiple monitors. This was also happening to me and here is how I fixed it: When the black screen appears the login screen should originally appear but due to a bug with multiple monitors it does not. So just pretend that you're on the login screen; press enter, then enter your password (if you have one) and then press enter again. Altough you will not see it, your PC will be now at the desktop. Now perhaps give it some time, let it load so you can do the next step properly. Now press the windows button + P this should throw you to the multiple monitors setting. Now try to somehow blindly navigate (with arrow keys I presume, I personally have no idea how I managed to do it) and press enter, experiment a bit untill your screen will show. If it now shows, press the same buttons again and put it on Primary screen. Sadly this means you will have to use only one screen for a while, until this is resolved. I really hope this helps
    Amazing how this worked pressed Windows Button + P, pressed left arrow once then hit enter, and poof im on windows 10. Thanks man, and the weird thing is, i only use one monitor
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