Windows 10 install stuck at black screen without cursor or anything

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  1.    30 Jul 2015 #131

    Black screen no cursor fix

    McKenna1981 said: View Post
    My screen lacked a cursor. So dont know if this is the same.
    What worked for me was simply taking a monitor and plugging it directly into my motherboard. Odds are we are having issues our display drivers. I'm updating mine right now and then I'm going to try plugging my monitors back into my graphics card. If anything, at least I can see my desktop now.
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  2.    30 Jul 2015 #132

    How can you fix that on a laptop, without a second screen.
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  3.    30 Jul 2015 #133

    Dutchnl said: View Post
    How can you fix that on a laptop, without a second screen.
    You can't. You have to plug it to a monitor. If you have HDMI cable and a HDTV, you can plug it into your TV.
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  4.    30 Jul 2015 #134

    It didn't work. I can choose the second screen, I can login, but after that my laptop reboots automatically.
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  5.    30 Jul 2015 #135

    PROBLEM: W10 boots to black screen, no curser
    SYSTEM: ASUS Sabertooth Z77 / i7 3770K / GTX570 in SLI and GTX550Ti / 16GB DDR3
    STATUS: Solved (for me anyway)

    I updated to W10 last night only to have it reboot to a blank screen, no curser, nothing. After a couple hours of trouble shooting, I was able to resolve it and now have a W10 system up and running. This is what worked for me. I hope it will help some of you.

    My system is running three monitors. My center panel is plugged into one of two GTX570s running in SLI. My two side panels are both plugged into a GTX550Ti. During the W10 install, the pc self reboot as advertised, but after reboot, all three monitors were black and the hard drive activity light was blinking away. I left it alone for about an hour, during which time it reboot a second time, again to three black monitors. About an hour into all this, the hard drive light was no longer blinking. (In retrospect, I think this wait allowed the W10 install to complete, even though I couldn't see anything.)

    I forced a shutdown by holding the case power button down for five seconds. I unplugged my two side panels from the GTX550Ti. I plugged my center panel into the top GTX570 which was installed into the Primary PCI16 slot. I never opened the case. Nothing was changed inside. All three graphics cards remained installed with the SLI bridge in place between the GTX570s. I reboot the PC.

    I now had a normal image on my center panel. The two side panels were obviously blank, as they were unplugged from the pc. The resolution on the center panel was way off and I was not able to set it to its native resolution of 2560 x 1440. I had to reinstall the NVIDIA driver even though I had done that just prior to the W10 install. Once the NVIDIA driver was reinstalled, I was able to set the panel to its native resolution. SLI was disabled automatically. I shut down the pc, plugged my two side panels back into the GTX550Ti and reboot. I then re-enabled SLI. Now all is well.

    I hope this helps some of you with a similar set up. I realize that this will be of no use to many of you, but I just wanted to pass it along since it worked for me. Good luck!
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  6.    30 Jul 2015 #136

    Problem: Windows 10 black screen with no cursor after initial installation.
    Specs: ASRock Z77 Pro Motherboard, i5-3570, nvidea GTX 770
    Status: SOLVED!

    Ok, I spent awhile reading this topic. I'll give you a breakdown of my issues and how I fixed them. This particular fix should be applicable to you if you have a graphics card (discreet) and onboard graphics.

    I installed W10 and everything went well -- until the initial log in. All my files and information was there, but the resolution was god awful! I couldn't see a thing. I updated my drivers for my gfx card before I installed, so I figured I should be good to go. Well, I changed to 1080p and about 5 seconds later, my computer gave me the black screen of death. I restarted, got the Windows Icon and loading circle, then it went back to black screen. I tried restarting, no go. I tried using an HDMI cable plugged into my graphics, no go. I tried HDMI into my motherboard, no go. What I had to do was uncheck multi-monitor graphics in my BIOS. Access your BIOS by hitting the appropriate "F" key (mine was F2). To find my settings, I had to navigate to advanced settings and go under the "North Bridge" options on my motherboard. Like I said, my motherboard is a "gaming" motherboard, so yours probably won't be as involved.

    After I did this, my issue was not fixed. After I changed the setting, saved my bios, and restarted, it only allowed Windows to boot into Recovery mode. At this point, I realized that it was definitely something messed up with my graphics. If you don't want to lose any data on your hard drive, you can roll back to a previous build. This "build" that it is referring to is actually your last version of Windows, so don't worry -- it'll work. I, though, did not want to go back to W7. In my case, I have my OS installed on an SSD with various smaller programs (it's only 110gb). I elected to choose the option "reset this PC." What this will do is install Windows 10 CLEAN (MEANING YOUR C:// DRIVE WILL BE WIPED!!!! but no other drives). Since all my data and games are on a different drive, I didn't care much.

    After I installed W10, I reinstalled my programs/launchers (steam, battle net, origin, Spotify, chrome, etc) and everything is working swimmingly. I'm typing this on W10 as we speak. All my data and games are still installed, but my SSD was wiped. The launchers all point to my games still and it all works fine.

    So, to recap, it is definitely an issue with conflicting onboard and discreet graphics. After some more looking, I noticed that there was a recurring driver error when I tried doing the "unclean" install. After the clean install, Windows installed the correct drivers and everything works fine. So, this may not be an answer you want, but its the one I can give!

    If you're having troubles getting to the recovery screen, try only using onboard graphics in your BIOS. While you set up -- that may let it POST into recovery. Unfortunately, for us "Day 1'ers," we have to jerry rig our..well..rigs at times.

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  7.    30 Jul 2015 #137

    Hey there, so been trying to upgrade since yesterday from 8.1. The upgrade would go smoothly until it reaches 75% on the "sit and relax" screen. My laptop would then restart and then the black screen with no mouse would happen. Done it 5 times and the same result. Getting pretty annoyed
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  8.    30 Jul 2015 #138

    I had a black screen with my cursor. What I did was shut down everything and unplugged everything from the outlet, including my monitor. I plugged everything back in and it started without a problem. I hope this helps you all also.
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  9.    30 Jul 2015 #139

    Thankyou. You were the only one that worked :). So happy wagoch. Thank you!!!!
    I also hace alienware x51 and that worked.
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  10.    30 Jul 2015 #140

    After trying to install windows 10 on my Alienware x51 I just done a clean install.. And worked first go..
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