Windows 10: Windows 10 install stuck at black screen without cursor or anything

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  1.    30 Jul 2015 #101

    AW2015 said: View Post
    It went blank and restarted a couple times before finishing the installation.
    This will be my 7th time trying to install it. Hopefully it works this time. I disabled the INTEL integrated GPU and just have my graphics card running. Fingers crossed this works. Even if it does black screen I'll leave it for awhile and get back to you and tell you how it went
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  3.    30 Jul 2015 #103

    Guys, if you have finished the upgrade but only get a black screen of death with a white cursor AFTER LOGGING IN and even safe mode won't help, then there is a way to restore!

    You have to, from the lock screen or Ctrl Alt Del screen, click the Power menu, hold SHIFT and click restart.

    This will open up the blue menu. Go to advanced settings, > advanced start up settings.

    Then the computer will reboot with a blue menu like this:

    You have to press F10 for more options, then "1" for recovery options.

    Then the PC will reboot into the same original blue menu, but this time with more options. There is a small option at the bottom that says "more settings" and then on there you can click "Revert to previous build".

    This took about 5 minutes and I was back in Windows 8.1 still asking me to upgrade again.

    I hope this helps!
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  4.    30 Jul 2015 #104

    Thanks to every one who posted. You helped me refine my search to get to a fix that worked for me.


    This fix worked for me. :)
    If you are at the black screen and cursor, then Microsoft says you may be at your boot signon screen but are unable to view the screen. The sign on is still there. So here is their fix:
    1. Push the control key. (This moves the focus to the password box)
    2. Enter your logon password and push <Enter>. (When I did this the cursor vanished.)
    NOW WAIT. It took my relatively fast Alien computer about 5 minutes to finish the set up and (SMILE:)) there was Windows 10.
    NOTE: If you have been pushing on the keyboard, you may need to reboot to get to a clean log on page to perform the above log on in the dark.

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  5.    30 Jul 2015 #105

    Hello i have windows 7 and i am updating it, it was around 54 percen and it re booted, then black screen with no cursor for 2hours and nothing.
    What should I do?
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  6.    30 Jul 2015 #106

    I read somewhere to try an HDMI cable instead of the normal monitor cable, so I connected my PC to my TV and was able to finish the install. The monitor was unable to display the picture so the install must have changed the graphic settings. Once the install was finished the monitor worked again, although it had changed to a multi monitor set up.
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  7.    30 Jul 2015 #107

    mickmedical said: View Post
    I Also have a x51 r2 with multiple monitors and am so upset I just found this thread. I just started the reset process and now will have to wait a few hours to try this fix.
    did u try my solution a few pages back? because i also have x51 with dual monitors
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  8.    30 Jul 2015 #108

    DellVostro said: View Post
    Hi Klemente
    I have dell Vostro with Window 7 64 pro installed. Yesterday I installed the win10 upgrade. My system rebooted and since then i can only see the blank screen without any cursor. I tried restarting it but no luck. I am going to use the above steps and see if it works. But I got couple of questions for you:
    Q1: I have 2 user accounts on my Laptops So how do I know which account I am going to sign in without seeing anything ?
    Q2: I used to scan my finger scan to login to my computer. do you think it will work ?

    If you have any other solutions for this please update me .

    Thanks in advance
    hmmm well I think you should try doing it as you used to do it on windows 7. If that doesnt work, then try pressing enter first, then try something. Im no expert at this, I just wasted a whole day frustrated trying different things until i found one that worked
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  9.    30 Jul 2015 #109

    Put your pc to SLEEP

    I have been having the same problem on my laptop since I installed windows 8. They never fixed the junk in windows 10. The whole lock/login screen is a POS and needs to be removed.

    anyway, rant finished.....

    If you have this problem one way to get around it is to wait until your hard drive light stops so you know it's booted up then press your power button and let go of it, just a quick click(this only works if you haven't changed the settings) to put your pc in sleep mode. Wait a few seconds till your hard drive light stops and click it again. When it comes back it will boot up the graphics and your display should work. I had to do that every time I changed any settings. Now I have to do it every time I boot windows since I changed the settings to get rid of the lock screen and automatically log in to windows without using a password.
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  10.    30 Jul 2015 #110

    When you install windows 10 for some reason it sets your GPU display to duel monitors so when it does its last warm reboot that brings you to the log in screen your display isn't set to default primary display hence the blank screen if you reboot again press F2 or what ever key to enter bios disable duel monitors setting under GPU then save and exist and windows 10 login screen is there.
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