Hey Guyz,

I have the following problem:
During playing Assasin's Creed this afternoon the game got very slow and I had a very hard time to stop the game and go back to my Desktop. Since the whole PC was slow I decided to check if the Anti Virus Programme does an Update, the PC has something running in the background or a Windows Update but all were negative so I wanted to reboot my PC which was already over 5 hours ago and now I have the usual Windows Update screen "Leave your PC on during current..... Update 1/1 installs"
Is it possible that I get the Windows 10 Update now? If yes why does it take so long and why does it download for so long since I've read a few articles where its says that the actual installation is after a reboot and one is able to make installation decisiins and stuff?

I really hope you can help me and sorry if I'm in the wrong topic...