Windows 10: Should i delete every partition?????

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  1.    11 Aug 2017 #11

    I only have 1 hard drive connected to my computer.I will download windows on a flash stick 32 gb.I have a msi 970 gaming am3+ motherboard.The bios is legacy.So i think that i wont have the option to choose uefi(if my pcs bios isnt uefi and says that it is legacy than i think that i wont have even the choice to pick uefi).My hard drive has 1tb and i have split it to 700 and 200.I will check if the hdds is healthy.Defraggler says that its healthy.Thing is that i dont mind deleting everything since most of the things are useless.Will it be safe to delete system reserved,recovery etc.? Or i shouldn't touch them?I have tagged a picture on my previous messages.Thanks
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  2.    11 Aug 2017 #12

    aris003 said: View Post
    Will it be safe to delete system reserved,recovery etc.? Or i shouldn't touch them?I have tagged a picture on my previous messages.Thanks
    As long as you are booted into the Windows installation USB flash drive, it is safe to delete them.

    In a situation such as yours where you just want to create a Windows 10 USB flash drive to do a clean install with, I would recommend just letting the Media Creation Tool create the flash drive for you. It will erase whatever is currently on the flash drive, though, so don't have anything on it that you want to keep. You can move files to the flash drive once the Media Creation Tool is done putting Windows installation on it, though, if you want:

    Download Windows 10

    Before you boot from the flash drive (and after Media Creation Tool is done creating it), I think it is a good idea to export all the third party drivers from the computer onto the flash drive so you will have them if needed to get hardware working after the install. Create a folder on the flash drive, let's say Drivers. Then open a Command Prompt (Admin) or Powershell (Admin) and run:

    dism /online /export-driver /destination:E:\Drivers

    Change the path in red to the correct drive letter for the flash drive and whatever folder name you decided on.
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  3.    11 Aug 2017 #13

    While someone is doing thr clean install there are two options.1 delete partitions and 2 format.whats the difference and which one should i do in my case
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  4.    11 Aug 2017 #14

    Deleting partitions and installing Windows to the unallocated space allows Windows to set up the partitions that it wants and the filesystems that it wants. This is preferred so that you don't end up with your boot files somewhere unexpected and it will prevent update problems in the future if you end up with some weird partitioning scheme because you did not Windows set things up.

    Formatting leaves the existing partitions in place. One of the big disadvantages to this is that Windows is likely to create a new recovery partition, and since you did not delete the old recovery partition, your going to end up with multiple recovery partitions and probably only one that is actually in use. And as stated above, you may have problems with future major updates if the partitioning is not as expected by Windows.

    If you want a data partition, we recommend that it be at the end of the drive. Then when you do a clean install, you delete all partitions in front of the data partition you want to keep, select that unallocated space and click Next to let Windows set up the system partitions in that space. The only little hurdle to overcome is that if you have Windows already set up, you have to shrink the Windows partition by the amount that you want to assign to the data partition, then there might be a recovery partition in the way at the end of the drive that you might have to move to start at the end of the OS partition, then create your data partition at the end. But that is all easy to do with MiniTool Partition Wizard.
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  5.    11 Aug 2017 #15

    I have already installed windows 10 on my pc.I just want to reinstall it because there are a lot of errors that i cant fix. Is there anything different that i will have to do because it is already installed????
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  6.    11 Aug 2017 #16

    No, nothing different.
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  7.    11 Aug 2017 #17

    You said that i must shrink something.I would also like to know.Should i delete everything until unallocated space shows up?
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  8.    11 Aug 2017 #18

    aris003 said: View Post
    You said that i must shrink something.I would also like to know.Should i delete everything until unallocated space shows up?
    After a clean install of Windows by deleting all the existing partitions, if you want to create a data partition, you will need to shrink the OS partition (C: drive) to make room for it.
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  9.    12 Aug 2017 #19

    I find it advantageous to have computer connected to internet by wire while doing clean install because it can find an eventual missing driver at that time. Setup attempts to check for updates even if it wasn't connected to internet and may spend even longer time looking for it.. Using WiFi connection is less certain to check for drivers because it's drivers may not be loaded at boot time and also may require a password to connect to router and that can't be done until full OS installation.
    My most usual routine for clean install of windows (and other OSs like LInux) is to backup anything that wasn't already backed up from whole disk, BOOT from OS installation disk/USB and delete all partitions at that time, let OS make partitions it needs and leave it plugged in with live internet connection until the finish. Only exception to that rule is in case of very large disk when all can't be backed up or when installing a dual BOOT system.
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  10.    12 Aug 2017 #20

    I still dont get it....What do u mean. A partition like the 200gb that i have? and why should i make room for it.I dont get it
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