Cannot boot or reinstall win 10 64bit

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    Windows 10 64bit 1703

    Cannot boot or reinstall win 10 64bit

    My laptop DELL Inspiron 3542 worked perfectly with windows 10 64bit but suddenly it wont boot, it stuck on windows logo boot loop, i thought it might be just a boot issue if i user windows repair it would solve the problem but i found also i cannot boot from the USB stick or windows DVD that i burn!, it stuck at the same step

    i tried to boot windows 8 64bit installation from my old DVD but it also stuck at logo screen !!!,
    i downloaded Windows 10 32bit version and make a bootable USB and tried it and it works and i tried to install it on different partition it works without any problem just some drivers incompatibility issue only with 32bit version.

    why 64bit versions didn't work but 32bit versions works!!!

    so i tried to install windows 7 64bit and it works without any issues !!!!

    i also tried to test my HDD on another laptop of my friend my windows 10 64bit works !!!!

    i tried his HDD with windows 10 64bit on my labtop and found it also stuck at the same step boot logo!

    really it's a strange issue for me any ideas?
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 2004

    Hi sayco. Welcome to the TenForums @sayco

    Can you boot into the Advance Startup options?

    Boot to Advanced Startup Options in Windows 10

    Start your device, when you see spinning dots hold power button until it shuts off. Power on, when you see the dots hold power button till it shuts off. Power on. This time Windows will recognize you are in trouble and will provide the menu.

    You may find that invoking a System restore will fix. You might also try a safe boot and have a look at your Windows update history with particular attention to driver updates.

    I might also try disabling hibernation as a quick test. This will disable Windows Fast Start Up.

    command prompt(admin)

    powercfg -h off

    To enable same command changing off to on.

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    Windows 10 64bit 1703
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    Thank you Ken

    unfortunately i tried what you suggest but no luck i just stuck on logo screen with spinning dots i turn off and on my laptop around six times but no luck but the only new window is a loading screen that say:
    "Preparing automatic repair Loading files" i think it trying to enter recovery mode i waited for 15 minute but it stuck on logo window also.

    maybe thanks for the dual boot that give me the "F8" option to enter "Startup Settings"
    i tried to use "safemode" but no luck also it stuck with the logo screen but no spinning dots.

    i think it's not a software issue because when i tried my HDD on another laptop it booted up and works fine and my friend's HDD with the same windows version on my laptop stuck at the same point !!!
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    Windows 10 Pro

    Did you change the SATA controller mode from AHCI to IDE or reverse from IDE to AHCI? That would be a BIOS/UEFI setting. It might also be possible that the CMOS battery on the motherboard died and BIOS/UEFI reset itself to default values, so the SATA controller mode could have changed that way without your knowledge.

    The same would also be true of UEFI booting and CSM mode (legacy BIOS) booting - changing that could have caused the same thing.
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    Windows 10 64bit 1703
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    thank you @NavyLCDR for your help but

    1- for sata controller mode there is only one option for this laptop only " AHCI" option avilable.

    2- for booting mode i use legacy BIOS a usual

    any other recommendations?!
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  6. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 2004

    Interesting that your machine was running 64 bit and now won't.

    As I understand it there are certain CPU's that don't support all the necessary instruction sets for the 64bit version of Windows 10 but those same CPU's will run the 32bit version.

    This would be in line with you using your version on another machine and it works and yet their 64 bit version on your machine doesn't.

    So what CPU do you have?

    When this error occurred did you just power on your machine one day and it wouldn't boot? Did you have any power issues caused by storms or other electrical interference?

    Did you get any messages that would be in line with NavyLCDR thoughts that CMOS battery died. Something like when you booted it wanted you to confirm RAM and asked you to set system clock or just asked you to enter "Setup".

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    Windows 10 64bit 1703
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    Hey Ken

    yeah it' gonna drive me crazy!!! it was working before

    it's my work laptop close as normal the day before the next day morning it refused to boot! you know the good day from the beginning LOL!

    -my CPU: Intel Core I7-4510U @2.00GHz

    -I don't think there is any electrical issue

    -no CMOS battery works properly no strange massages or Time and date errors

    -now i'm using Windows 7 64bit for a couple of days and it works properly face no issues till now
    all hardware works, no unknown device in device manager, everything works as normal
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  8. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 2004

    So this might be a little painful but.....

    I would go into BIOS and document current settings, also gives you an opportunity to review.

    I would then load defaults, each vendor has its own wording for this. I would then check and understand if there are differences.

    I would get new drive and using the Microsoft's media Creation tool I would download and create USB key. I would then do a clean install. Hopefully you have a spare drive that you can use for this purpose. I would delete all partitions from it and let Windows create as needed.

    One man's opinion, something in BIOS has changed or should be changed or you have bad driver. Myself I'm leaning to BIOS as you said you tried a friends HDD and it to would not boot.

    Other members may have better approach.

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    Windows 10 64bit 1703
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    Thank you all guys for your help I really appreciate that,
    Finally it working again, I really don't know what was the issue but here I the procedure that I did to fix it maybe it help other people
    - I made a bad sector scan for My HDD
    - I made a memory test for ram
    - I tested my HDD on other device to make sure it works properly ( again )
    - I tested my Ram on other device too
    - I tested wifi card.
    - I cleaned the device from inside and clean Ram
    tested the device nothing change it didn't work

    so I disassemble the keyboard and touchpad clean them and tested the device while using USB keyboard and mouse
    and it works !!!!
    I re-connect the keyboard and the touchpad and test again and it works

    I still don't understand what was the problem but finally it works normally again.

    thank you guys now I can mark the post as Solved.
    hope that help any one face the same issue
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  10. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 2004

    Excellent and thanks for sharing your solution.
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