Hello, how are you?
I am wanting to create a storage pool with parity redundancy in windows 10 storage spaces with 3 drives.
2 for data and one for parity.
I will be wanting to be able to later expand the pool by adding more data drives as the storage needs increase.
To have flexibility I am looking at using an external USB3 JBOD enclosure.
The model I am considering is the ICY BOX IB-3810U3.
Here is the product link:

This is a JBOD enclosure, so even if it is populated with 10 drives, it will show the 10 drives individually in the OS.
So I think it is possible to create the pool and run it from the enclosure.
How will the single 5 gbps usb 3 connection handle it?
Will it work with good performance?

Thank you for the help.
Best wishes