Windows 10: Repair MBR?

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  1.    11 Jul 2017 #11

    Samuria said: View Post
    If you have all those drive connected and set to auto in the bios it will have to goto each drive and request its info during boot which can take time if there is an option in the bios to set the drives to actual parameters it will be faster
    Thanks Samuria. I don't usually have this many drives connected and wasn't aware of that, perhaps it is the reason for this increased boot time. What does actual parameters mean? I will pull up my BIOS manual.
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  2.    11 Jul 2017 #12

    Would you have idea what this could be called in the BIOS Samuria?
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  3.    11 Jul 2017 #13

    In the good old day we had to enter this

    There are 46 hard disk types, numbered 1 to 46, that include all the required parameters below. Since they cover earlier drives that only go up to 152MB, the user-configurable Type 47 is usually chosen and the remaining parameters are entered manually or are automatically detected (all new drives are detected).

    CYLINDERS Number of cylinders.

    HEADS Number of read/write heads.

    WPCOM Write precompensation track.

    ZONE Cylinder for parking heads.

    SECTORS Sectors per track.

    CAPACITY Total capacity derived from
    above parameters (heads X
    cylinders X sectors X 512)

    A lot of modern bios dont have these setting now but often have others Dells have a delay time to hold boot for x seconds if ther eis any it will be on the disk setup dont forget windows will also read the drives
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  4.    11 Jul 2017 #14

    I found this in my Mobo manual but I'm not sure it is the setting/feature you are referring to?

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  5.    11 Jul 2017 #15

    Try boot drive only see what happens to boot time
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  6.    11 Jul 2017 #16

    I set it to Boot Drive only. After doing so and exiting the BIOS it decided it wanted to do a disk check and appeared to repair C:

    No longer does the Windows logo appear during boot and last bios time was 6.1 sec

    So I will have to check whether disabling the detection of other drives during post or the disk check resulted in this.

    Screen still seems a little flickery during boot. I should check if the Windows spotlight lockscreen feature is working because it hasn't been in a while.
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  7.    12 Jul 2017 #17

    When you've got past other matters:
    Spotlight- once broken can be very tricky to persuade to work again.
    You can try
    Reset and Re-register Windows Spotlight in Windows 10 Windows 10 Customization Tutorials

    Others have reported issues where there are invalid image references.
    Images are here:
    How to Find Windows Spotlight Lock Screen Images

    You can also find it takes a day or two for Windows to catch up - suddenly it starts working again.

    You may find you end up with Spotlight working but the Preview in Settings is grey.

    [FIX] Windows Spotlight Not Working In Windows 10
    How to fix Windows Spotlight issues in Windows 10
    Fix: Windows Spotlight Is Missing From Windows 10
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  8.    12 Jul 2017 #18

    Thanks Dalchina. I will check that out.

    Also the screen flickers the lockscreen image, like one quick flicker. Is the flicker possibly linked to the lockscreen issue also?
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  9.    12 Jul 2017 #19

    I really can't say. Maybe you have a graphics problem, maybe it's trying to display an invalid image... I can only guess...
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  10.    12 Jul 2017 #20

    dalchina said: View Post
    I really can't say. Maybe you have a graphics problem, maybe it's trying to display an invalid image... I can only guess...
    Yeah possibly, maybe I should install some later Nvidia drivers to see if that fixes anything. Not sure about an invalid image, it uses one of the Windows spotlight images but flickers it. I'll try fixing Windows spotlight when I get a chance.
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