Hey all.

So at work we have a WDS server with the company image on, with all the software and such all pre-setup
(Standard practice for most places)

We have to do a rebuild at one of our remote sites, and rather than hammer the WAN network downloading the image over and over, we thought it would be best to make up a few USB sticks and just take an offline version of the files to install there.

After many hurdles, such as UEFI on NTFS (Rufus helped with this one)
I finally got a stock version of windows 10 enterprise installing from a usb using our autoanswer file.

However, this is where I get stuck and could do with some help.
I have replaced the install.wim with one I downloaded from the WDS server
and it throws up an error during install saying its a missing or corrupted file.
if I take the boot.wim from the WDS server and put that on the USB as well, then it says that the productkey from the autoanswer file can't be read.

This is where Im stuck, and could do with some help knowing where to go next.

Thanks in advance.

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