Windows 10: Black Screen on restart, no display signal!

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    Black Screen on restart, no display signal!

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I'm having a nightmare trying to reinstall windows 10. I'll give a very brief description running up to this problem.

    Firstly I was using Windows7 and upgraded to windows 10 some time ago and everything worked, other than when it comes to restarting my PC. The problem is, it doesn't. What it does do is show me all the LEDs and fans spinning with the power button on the case illuminated. It appears on but no signal. The only way i can get around this problem is powering off ( shut down not restart ). and then power back on.
    I've been living with this problem for quite some time now and the old " if it aint broke, don't fix it " was constantly reminding me not go thru the hassle of installing windows again. But it's got to a point where i just want a working PC like before. So i finally took the plunge and decided to reinstall windows 10 and keep my files.

    The problem is black screen when it tries to reboot itself. and i have to power off ./ power on and loads up windows with a notification that it couldn't complete the installation.

    If you need any more info logs. etc. I'll be more than willing to send.

    Thanks for reading and hope some of you guys and girls can help me.

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    Hi Adam. Welcome to the TenForums @Adam42

    Can I ask how you re-installed windows 10?

    When you re-install did you set secure boot and fast boot off in BIOS? I didn't look at your manual, maybe you don't have these features.

    Myself I would recommend a clean install. Recognize more work but I think a better product. I would create an Image of existing system so you can at least get back to where you started. Macrium Reflect is free and recommended by members.

    Anyway, lets see what members say when you describe how you did the install and if you have the BIOS settings.

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    "So i finally took the plunge and decided to reinstall windows 10 and keep my files."

    Please clarify: you used the computers windows advanced troubleshooting menu and chose reset with save files. All applications and programs were removed?

    Are you files backed up?

    How are you able to obtain logs at this time?

    Obtain a flash drive that you can format and create a USB bootable windows 10 iso:

    Each computer manufacturer has a F key where you can boot to a device. For custom computers you will need to change the boot order to boot to the USB drive. Learn the method applicable to your computer so that you can use bootable USB drives to fix your computer environment.

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    Hi there and thanks for the replies,

    @ Ken, I do not see any fast or secure boot option in BIOS. Thanks for the advice using Macrium Reflect. I have a 2nd drive on my PC that has all the files i wish to keep. I'm using SSD as my main drive the OS is on and i assume the data on my 2nd drive will still be obtainable when i do a clean install of the OS.

    @ zbook To clarify, Yes i used the windows feature to reset and save files. This is the 1st time i''ve used such feature as every OS install I've done in the past has been format C drive and do a complete install from USB or disc. As for logs i was basically saying if you need any more info from me and you can advise what logs/info location etc is. i'll gladly send. Sorry for the confusion.

    It appears you both have suggested doing a clean install of the OS and looks like i have no other option but to do this. It is a shame not to have a solution other than reinstall windows though. Oh well if that what it takes to get fixed, then so be it.

    thanks for the advice i appreciate it. I will update this post once i have done a fresh install and hopefully determine that it was either the OS or hardware that is the route cause of the problem.
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    Hi Adam.

    If all your data is on a separate drive I would disconnect it during the install.

    I had a peek at a manual that I think belongs to your Motherboard. Seems there are three in the series, I downloaded H81M-p33.

    Page 29 - Memory Fast Boot - please disable

    I think I would also delete all partitions on what we will call the OS drive, of course after identifying each and confirming you don't need. Then let Windows create what it needs.

    If you don't want to go through clean install you could try an in place repair / upgrade. This very well could work but I still recommend Clean. If you do this tutorial it will upgrade you to the creators update. Not sure if you are currently using, if not please be aware.

    Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade

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