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That's good news as many people have relocated their user files/folders.
One way around it, is to just move it back to the default location before you do the upgrade. Assuming you have room on that partition/drive. Then when your all up and running in Windows 10, move it to the other partition/drive again.

I only have dual drives in my laptop and my main desktop PC. My wife's laptop and my second desktop PC only have the one drive. The user folders on both are on a separate partition, one that I can't unplug. I'm not reseting all those user folder locations to default. The worst that will happen is Windows will use the default locations and I'll just have to point them back to the data drives. I don't remember having to do this when I upgraded from 7 to the Preview so I'm not expecting to have to anything on the 29th either. Other than checking the do you really really really want to do this box.