I have a brand new Dell inspiron 11 30000 laptop.

To connect to the Internet I use a Three Dongle in a USB port; or a Three S2 phone tethered to a USP port.

The former is good for 5GB fixed at 16 per month. The latter I can top up as and when I need extra data allowance.

Just recently MS has released a massive update for Win 10 - which I have now done. It took an hour, followed by 69 updates from Dell.

However whilst the Dongle still connects OK, the S2 phone will not.

When I connect the S2 the console window starts up, I get 5 bars of signal, and the device is marked as detected. I click on the large green connect icon. It says Opening Port but then the massage "unable to connect" comes up. I cancel the message. And then every press of the green button is ignored.

I have looked at the profile and the following are set: APN name: 3internet, and Phone no.: *99#

I have tried changing the APN name to: three.co.uk, but this didn't work either.

Something in the Win 10 / Dell update(s) has stopped the S2 from connecting.

Whereas the old school Dongle is OK (but the data allowance is limited).

Please does anyone have any idea as to what has gone wrong? Thank you - CJB