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It's changeable. Simple, if not obvious:

Make Google Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge Browser

Basically, go to the Google page in Edge. When you're there, it'll show up as an option to select for search in the Advanced settings.
I've gone off topic with my last reply, but I was referring to Win10's humongous search-bar that takes up 30% of the bar. This is what MS want you to use and I don't think it search engine is configurable. It can be reduced to an icon or hidden, or even removed by disabling the WindowsSearch service, which is what I did. I use a faster lest resource-intensive program to search for files/folders...etc MS is trying to move us away from thinking we need to open another program to search the web, and this is not a bad thing, except that it is monopolizing its stake in the search world by disallowing it's configuration, not that I use Bing, Yahoo(also Bing), or for that matter Google directly.