When I migrate to Windows 10,

  • Placeholders will be deleted from my local OneDrive folder.
  • Per folder selective sync will be available.

But that leaves a question…

  • Will per folder selective sync be turned OFF by default at conversion?
    • This means offline files on the local OneDrive folder will be orphaned.
    • Therefore, to avoid confusion, I’d need to either (a) delete them since they’re available online and since sync is off, or (b) turn on selective sync for the folder they’re in and sync all files in the folder, or (c) do nothing if OneDrive automatically deleted them in the conversion.

  • Or, will per folder selective sync be turned ON by default for folders that have offline files in them, syncing all files in such a folder?

  • Or, will OneDrive try to sync all folders to my local OneDrive, overwhelming the smaller drive on my laptop?

It seems to me this would be important to know, but I've not been able to find anything on it.