I have one of my desktops loaded with 10 build 10130 and I am wondering how I can get it upgraded with the latest build. I want to do this fairly quickly as I don't get much time at home these days and I also want to get my old Toshiba laptop loaded too.
I have had a look around at finding how to do this before the release date is past but looks like I might be out of luck and time now as I can get no simple answer from browsing on the 10 machine. As it is I am having to use the main desktop in 7 to post this thread.

The other thing is I do not like or ever have liked Bing as a browser and want the Google back is there a way of getting this fixed as one used to with the new tab settings in 7?

As I said I have not had much time to use 10 but right now am struggling to find my way around because it seems so convoluted - at least 7 was easy to navigate.