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    Windows 10 Pro on all on various machines version 21H2 and running Window 11 on one desktop without
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    Im confused - what were you trying to do? Install W10 OEM to a drive, then remove the drive and put it into an existing W7 system??????
    No Colin as usual I just jumped in boots and all not knowing I already had the machine on their books as it were - so I swapped in a new SSD put that OEM on it and it worked fine. I then took out that drive and converted the swapped out drive back into the machine with 7 on it and tried to install 10 from the OEM DVD because I was thinking at least the key would be in the machine ?somewhere . Now it all went pear shaped as you can imagine and I now know.

    So being the smart idiot I am I reclaimed the drive back to 7 and then installed 10 as dual boot using the free ISO and everything was fine in the world. This left me with a $230 OEM that I thought would be nice to try and create a dual boot on the Ivy desktop which is running Home Premium only to find that after preparing the drive with a partition for the 10 it just wanted to install 10 over the top of everything.

    So me in my pea sized brain thought ok lets install 10 onto the Ivy and then install the 7 Home Premium onto the allotted partition I had made for it. But being (I think I am anyway) an honest person contacted Microsoft and told what I had done and had in mind - in effect made a horrible mistake, in hindsight now - naively thinking they would say ok just this once and then I would have tried setting Ivy up dual boot because on the small laptop I find it very handy.
    All well and good - OH BLOODY NO as it turned out - because somewhere in a far off third world country some obnoxious ratbag knocked me back in no uncertain, uncompromising and in my book completely unsympathetic manner. Now I am as I think you might know work and have worked as an RN for many years and I would no more think of treating anyone however rude or irritating - like I was than I would fly to the moon so experiencing that was for me an extremely unpleasant and uncalled for experience.

    What really upset me was how I was not allowed to use that OEM on the Ivy machine even after explaining what I had done as above - it was not as if I had tried to install it on any other machine it their bloody minded attitude I was given the impression that if you bought it then you should know about the rules and regulations.

    But I am as you know am no expert on much at all let alone have a degree or doctorate in decyphering that licencing agreement and am sure there are many like me who are quite trusting in Microsoft that that crap is meant for students of corporate law, and like me have given up reading past the first few paragraphs of their hell sent licencing rules. I am just your very average end user and would like to think that Microsoft would be a little more flexible with us plebs.

    Furthermore what got right up my nose was that in the past I have asked to use an OEM on a new board and back those early days they bent over backwards to help one out as long as you didn't constantly keep doing it. It is that very devil may care attitude they have now regarding Windows if you mess up on something like I have - and keep openly advertising it as the best thing since sliced bread and everything else is rubbish and shove their new system down your throat whether you like it or not.

    In my simple mind what they are dictating now is or does not make very good marketing sense because after handing them $240 for that OEM and have this happen to me does NOT inspire me to spend much more than I absolutely have to with their products which in any case seem to appear day to day to be getting away from the enjoyment of computing (one of the few small activities I have these days) and more into grabbing every cent they can by introducing apps that are to me banal and unwanted.
    I for one was really annoyed when I first installed 10 found the Start page littered with idiotic apps like Candy Crush games and/or some wretched thing or other and stuff I would not use in a lifetime, and we have grumbled about bloatware on manufactured machines for years now and here they are at it themselves!!

    I am not fishing for any sympathy just relating what I experienced on that day because I have to accept what they have done to me and suspect that may will not give a rats toot about this sad and sorry affair. I shall just put it down to a bad experience and in future it may be an idea to run it past the forum before I do such things. However it does leave such a bad taste in one's mouth.

    If the Linux based systems were not so alien to me after using M$ all these years then I would probably be tempted - no inclined to just go with those systems - I have tried but they certainly do's seem to me to be as easy to work as Windows - unfortunately.
    Having been a member of these forums for long while now that going over to a Linux based system on my machines would be such a shame no more so than having made so many friends here in no just the 10 forum but more so in the 7 forum as many I greatly respect and for most part rely on to help me out .

    Sorry for the rant but I am so disappointed with how things are now moving with computing and the technology associated with it.
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    W11+W11 Developer Insider + Linux

    There used to be some (semi)automated way over Skype to re register W7 if you run into trouble after reinstalling it x times. More often than not OEM registration went thru too because I guess no actual persons were involved.
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    Windows 10 Pro on all on various machines version 21H2 and running Window 11 on one desktop without
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    Sound good Mike but right now I am too angry to be bothered with them mate but thanks for the suggestion. :)
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    Windows / Linux : Arch Linux

    ICIT2LOL said:
    Sound good Mike but right now I am too angry to be bothered with them mate but thanks for the suggestion. :)
    Hi there

    I use Linux a lot and run Windows mainly as VM's -- Photoshop, Office, some corporate applications like SAPGUI for accessing their SAP systems and a video capturing application to save Amazon and SKY TV programs for later viewing without all the DRM crud.

    Start with an easy distro like MINT and run it as a VM - in the beginning you will make a load of errors but re-install of most Linux systems (for home use -- preparing servers for business is another matter entirely though) is simple and doesn't take long if you have do do it loads of times before you get it to the way you like.

    Most things will run on Linux - usually FREE and you can customize it anyway you want. Doesn't mean you have to leave Windows --Windows is still essential for several things -- I like running BOTH. !!! My media, file server and internet gateway are all run via a Linux server which probably only gets re-booted every six months or so -- stable as a rock and no "automatic updates" which re-boots your machine in the middle of the night when you are doing something (other than drinking !!!!!).

    You'll have fun learning as well.

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    Windows 10 IoT

    If Windows 7 is installed and activated, there will be a key stored in the Windows Registry. If your upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 I'm not even sure Windows 10 looks for a key, it just checks to see if Windows 7 is activated. In any case the key is there to be found. In this scenario an OEM_SLP key will pass muster and be accepted. Then once you have a Digital License, next time around, clean install 10 and skip entering a key.
    If you wipe Windows 7 before installing Windows 10, there is no key to be found. Windows 7 keys are not stored in the BIOS. Enter an OEM-SLP key and it will be rejected. Those keys are generic OEM factory keys that are blocked from online activation, even Windows 7 online activation. What you have to enter is the OEM-COA key from the COA sticker.
    If I've already mentioned the above in this thread my apologies. I just got up and haven't even finished my first cup of java.
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    Windows / Linux : Arch Linux

    Hi there

    I know it's a bit of a pain but the most FOOLPROOF way of getting a clean activated fresh install of W10 --especially on older (or pre-UEFI) computers is do do the following steps

    1) BACKUP existing W7 -- important in case you either want to revert or things get hosed up so you can start again.
    2) Upgrade the W7 installation to W10 and activate either with W7 key or see if it gets automatically activated.
    3) wipe HDD and install from scratch W10. It will activate since there already is a digital licence by virtue of step 2).
    4) Backup new clean W10 system.

    FREE MACRIUM will work on W7 without any problems for backing up the system. THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS TOO MANY BACKUPS !!!!

    Optionally perform another backup after the initial upgrade (step 2)

    (I assume you've either got media creation tool or an ISO file -- note though W7 doesn't have the ability to mount ISO's -- you need a 3rd party product for that so it's better to create a bootable USB drive).

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    Windows 10 Pro on all on various machines version 21H2 and running Window 11 on one desktop without
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    Yep well I am sticking with my 7 Home right now - what I wanted was for that support person to allow me to use the OEM and I would have installed it onto a drive then tried the dual boot using an ISO and my Home key for that second partition.

    It was just the fact that they refused point blank to help me out that really has me extremely angry because not only have I done $230 but also the you did it your problem attitude no empathy at all but what can you expect these days and in the light of a the crap that has been going on.

    All I can say is I hope he/they choke on the $230 they have got out of me - but it just goes to show you just what loyalty means to those people, because you can't tell me that they would not know that I have installed Windows of many versions over the years . The greed borders on the obscene in my mind.
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    Windows 10 IoT

    Microsoft do not offer Tech support for OEM versions, even when its OEM System Builder. It's always been that way. If you have a factory OEM install you contact HP, or Dell, or whoever it was you bought it from. If OEM System Builder the retailer that sold you the PC with it installed is responsible for tech support. If you bought the system builder copy yourself, you are your tech support.
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    Windows 10 Pro on all on various machines version 21H2 and running Window 11 on one desktop without
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    Hmm well I guess if it were a 10 OEM at issue - like I bought I would get support

    Right now my Ivy Bridge is dead in the water and getting an ISO for it from either Heidoc or Microsoft site - even though they verified the copy and it's key I have is not going to happen so looks like I shall have to install from that DVD I bought.

    If I didn't have that well that would be another few hundred dollars have gained out of me. The longer this goes on the less I feel like staying with Microsoft not that they could give a rat's backside about what I think (or anyone else's thoughts either as long as they make the money out of the unwary and gullible - at least that is how it appears to me. Ethical not to my way of thinking morally well again that would be up to what one thinks of as moral.
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    I understand your frustration mate, ... as much as the fanboys want to promote Win 10... it's not worth the $230 - that's why 50% of the world is still on Win 7...
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