Has anyone else here thought about installing 7 or 8.1 over Windows 10

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    Has anyone else here thought about installing 7 or 8.1 over Windows 10

    I'm asking cause since with all of the updates and the fact that 10 just keeps either forcing or causing peoples machines to not work functionally anymore, it just make me wonder if I should just buy a Windows 7 key to avoid these issues.

    I mean Microsoft just doesn't seem to care if it breaks programs or takes away useful features as long as they can get your data its fine to them.

    I know this is a little rant but at this point does anyone believe that Windows 10 may start not being worth it?
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    Just FYI: Be careful downgrading, with regards to support for your processor/components.
    Updates to Support Policy for Skylake Devices Running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 Windows for IT Pros
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    You are not alone....I bought the Anniversary Edition thinking there might be a service pack and monthly security updates and I would have a solid Windows system. I am not much of an updater so my AE has never been touched and it works fairly well. I've gotten it to look like 7 but it scares me. I'm totally paranoid about some bloody update sneaking in an ruining everything I worked hard to set up. When I installed I turned off EVERYTHING because of warnings from forums and YouTube. Lord knows if I got it all. I've watched this drama for months now and it has left me dazed and confused. I thought I was buying a finished product. It now seems like this is one big experiment at the expense of the consumer. I just wanted something solid and reliable that would leave me alone.......Like 7. I've pretty much gone back to my old 7 machine while I gather the energy to install 7 on a separate drive in my new box. I figure 7 will last long enough to give me the time to learn Linux. MS needs to get something out there that is FINISHED and reliable or I am sure a lot of people like me are going to go away. Hey. a totally new direction might be a good thing?
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    Well the only reason why I'm on Windows is because I became a PC gamer three years back and I got 10 back in late 2015 with my build, now I just kinda wished I got 7 instead sometimes. Plus Linux support for games kinds suck still.
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    Windows 10 Home - Version 21H1- Build 19043.1266

    I've read a tutorial that teaches one how to install win 10 on a system that has win 8.1 so you can have a dual boot situation. But if you have win 10 and want to install 8.1 on the machine as well. Can this be done? It would be the 8.1 that i had before i upgraded to 10. I have it on a usb.
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    Windows 10 Pro 20H2 19042.572

    I too are getting the same feeling about W10. It seems like its just a ongoing work in progress. What bugs me the most is that each of these major upgrades had nothing I wanted or needed. And the worst part is if you customize it for your own likes, each Major upgrade + some C.U.'s undo most or all of the customization's.

    Running dual boot systems is not the solution. The only real solutions are UNIX or MAC. Apple was in my past and left a ugly taste and I would only go back is if they were the only one left. So there is really only one other solution. Time will tell.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    Good grief. How many more times does it need to be explained. Microsoft can't account for or test every single variable. Think of how many hardware and software combinations exist. It's isn't Microsoft's fault. That has been said so often, that it should be considered common knowledge by now.

    There is some level of responsibility for the user to have their system ready for the update. What I mean by that is, the system should be running efficient and stable. If it isn't, or it is riddled with malware, you can't expect an update to go on. Yes, unforeseen issues do happen, but not often.

    Simply put, if you've tried to upgrade and had an issue or had it fail, then just perform a clean install. Your data should have been backed up before attempting the upgrade anyway. Many of us prefer to go right to the clean install. It's a very simple, quick process if you plan ahead.

    I apologize for the tone my post may have, but it gets tiresome seeing the same unwarranted blame assigned each time. Most often, the upgrade goes on smoothly. I've been very surprised, in a good way, and how quickly the Creator's Update goes on and how well the system runs afterwards.

    As for rolling back your OS, there's little point in doing so, unless you have some very unique compatibility issue. The focus of hardware and software manufacturers is Windows 10. If you want the best performance and support, it's best to stay current.
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    There is truth to what you say, but it just gets tiresome when Microsoft upgrades and breaks something, I'll give you an example.

    Back in February microsoft decided to update my Gpu driver and in by doing so they caused me to have a BSOD later on, so i tried to install my previous driver back on it, but everytime I did it would be overwritten with Microsoft's driver, so I had to go to Nvidia's website to get a much newer one to fix it.

    I was reluctant to do update my driver since Nvidia's drivers lately have been causin issues with various users lately.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    So going back to my post, did you verify what caused the BSoD? You can also disable Windows Update from installing drivers. I have an Nvidia card, and I don't run in to any issues updating the drivers. I usually install the latest every month to six weeks.

    It's not unheard of to have a minor issue with a computer. Your example is an easy fix and could also have been avoided completely. It's hardly a reason to consider rolling back to a previous version of Windows. It doesn't happen nearly often enough to be considered tiresome on a stable system. If it is happening often, it sounds like you have an underlying issue that's affecting stability.

    As a better example, cars get flat tires from time to time. I drive an A4, so while it may be frustrating when I do get one, it's hardly the fault of Audi. Microsoft can only plan for an account for so much.

    Take a look at Apple, where there are FAR less iterations of hardware and software. The control both hardware and software, and still have many issues. Each time they update iOS, there are major issues. If you think it's bad enough to rant about now, you should give Apple a shot. Dealing with Windows is a breeze.
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    It was microsoft, the driver they installed was given to others as well back in Feb, when I did a who crashed report the cause it pointed to was the microsoft driver.

    As for Apple, no way. They overcharge for all of thier products and for parts that are outdated by each new installment. If I wanted to use Mac OS I would rather build a hackingtosh.
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