I had a netbook with an SSD dual booting a copy of Windows 10 upgraded from Windows 7 and Xubuntu. The netbook has totally died, becoming unusable and I am building a new desktop PC for my g/son. I know it it fairly easy to move the Xubuntu and that Windows can also be moved but is more difficult due to being tied to the hardware and drivers. G/son wants Windows for games only available on that OS. I have some knowledge of cloning and or installing operating systems but have never tried this. I think once installed in the new PC it may well boot into Xubuntu but may be wrong. I could also use a USB copy of Xubuntu I have to make changes if needed. I would be happy to reinstall Windows over all but how would I fare using a copy upgraded on another machine? I have a vague feeling at some stage I received a key during the upgrade procedure but not sure and no idea where it is. Is there any guidance available to assist?