I got two recovery-partitions

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    OK, I just used Aomei Part.Ass.Unlim. and did as you told me.
    This went fast, choosed the part. next to OS ,extended C and this useless rec. part. is gone now......
    Will test , if the OS starts ok , after some time off, you have seen my troubles with this in the past.
    If all goes well, let you know !
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    Excellent! After you reboot your computer, the commands to enable the remaining recovery partition should be [in a Command Prompt (Admin)]:

    reagentc /setreimage /path \\?\GLOBALROOT\device\harddisk0\partition3\Recovery\WindowsRE
    reagentc /enable

    then you can check to see if it is enabled with:

    reagentc /info
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    Very good, just restarted "the beast" and no blue screens etc. , very fast 7 seconds.
    Then gave your cmd s ,this gave us next result ;..........if you see something strange, let me know.
    But to me, it seems al right !
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    Everything looks great! And @lx07 was correct...in diskpart it should have been
    delete partition override

    But now you have the standards Windows 10 disk layout with no extra recovery partitions!
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    yes !!! I own you one, this means ; we can make several times an upgrade ,without all these useless recovery-partitions.
    And; restore to a normal,standard partition lay-out !!
    Again, my deep respect for your knowledge and I can only say; thank you all for your great help !!

    ( next time,I will only use the partition-CD/ delete the recovery-part. next to OS-part. / extend OS-part. with the just deleted rc.-part./ reboot/ cmd; reagentc /setreimage /path \\?\GLOBALROOT\device\harddisk0\partition3\Recovery\WindowsRE
    reagentc /enable / done !!)
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    Sorry for reviving an old thread, but my question is similar.

    Following AU, besides the original 450 MB Recovery Partition (#1) I got a second Recovery Partition (#5), which with CU grew to 1761 MB.

    I got two recovery-partitions-partitions.jpg

    This new Partition (#5) according to “reagentc /info” is the “valid” Win RE partition.

    Without doing a clean install and taking into account that before any partition playing, a Macrium Reflect Full image will be taken, just in case, I want to ask:

    1. Is it advisable to delete the old (#1) partition?
    2. And if yes, how to rearrange partitions adding the 450 MB of the deleted Recovery Partition (#1) to my Primary partition and
    3. which will be the easiest and of course feasible order:

    Partition ###  Type              Size   
    -------------  ----------------  -------
    Partition 1    Recovery          1761 MB
    Partition 2    System             100 MB
    Partition 3    Reserved            16 MB
    Partition 4    Primary            463 GB + 450 MB

    Partition ###  Type              Size   
    -------------  ----------------  -------
    Partition 1    System             100 MB
    Partition 2    Reserved            16 MB
    Partition 3    Primary            463 GB + 450 MB
    Partition 4    Recovery          1761 MB

    Finally, following rearrangement can someone confirm that in order to register the ‘new’ RE, I should run the following command (depending on the new order):
    Reagentc /setreimage /path \\?\GLOBALROOT\device\harddisk0\partition1\Recovery\WindowsRE 
    Reagentc /setreimage /path \\?\GLOBALROOT\device\harddisk0\partition4\Recovery\WindowsRE
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    Your second option is best (after the "OR") - it is what MS suggest.

    I got two recovery-partitions-capture.png

    UEFI/GPT-based hard drive partitions | Microsoft Docs

    If you do that then if recovery grows it will chip a bit off the end of C volume rather than make another partition.

    I'd suggest you delete your current partition 1, move ESP (System in your picture), MSR (Reserved) and C (Primary) to the left and leave recovery at the right. You can use this to do it MiniTool Partition Wizard Free

    Then you re-register recovery in partition number 4 (again the option after the "OR" in your post above).

    Normally though you would mount the recovery partition (using diskpart) and then run the command like this rather than specifying the partition in a \\?\GLOBALROOT\device\harddisk0\partitionX style
    Reagentc /setreimage /path T:\Recovery\WindowsRE /target W:\Windows
    See here REAgentC command-line options | Microsoft Docs
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    Thanks a lot!!!! To be honest the 2nd option was the one I favored too!!

    But just for confirmation, can the EFI and MSR partitions be moved to the left end without any problem?
    I will do the repartitioning using the AOMEI Partition Assistant from Kyhi’s WinPESE_x64, following your suggestion:
    1. Delete Recovery Partition 1
    2. Move System (EFI) Partition 2 to the left end
    3. Move MSR Partition 3 next to EFI
    4. Move Primary partition 4 next to MSR and finally
    5. Move Recovery Partition 5 next to Primary, to leave it space for future growth from the next Win 10 updates.

    Hope it works!
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    For step 4 above, I would not move the entire partition 4, i would just extend it to fill all the empty space, then no need for step 5 at all.
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    Right on!!! Excellent recommendation.
    Thank you very much! :)
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