How to do a clean install with a USB-stick booter

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    How to do a clean install with a USB-stick booter

    Hi. When I had to do a clean install of my Win7, I did it by going into the BIOS during POST and changing the boot order to 'DVD drive' (as I did when I built the PC). For both the first install and the reinstall, I tried to do it as UEFI but failed. However, it now turns out that I might have been closer to success than I knew:
    “If you receive a "Windows can't be installed on drive 0" warning, you will still be able to as long as you can click/tap on the Next button.”
    That quote comes from the 'If installing Windows 10 with UEFI' section of this thread:
    Clean Install Windows 10

    I've now upgraded to Win 10 and have made a USB booter using the Media Creation Tool in case I ever do a clean install. But there's something I'm unclear about: would I do it as before (access BIOS and change boot order to 'USB drive') or does Win10 offer a new way of doing it?

    I ask because I've been reading this thread:
    Boot to UEFI Firmware Settings from inside Windows 10
    but I think it's only for those wishing to change some UEFI settings on an existing UEFI setup.

    Thank you
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    Since yours is an upgrade.....if you wish to do a clean install....the procedure is the same except for inputting your PK (product key), leave that blank and your copy will automatically be activated.

    To bypass changing your boot order in the BIOS....all you have to do is reboot and at post beep start tapping the F12 key. This will bring up the boot order menu with out having to go into the BIOS. From that screen, just select your boot device and in your case your USB drive and proceed with the clean install.
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    Hi Plankton. Can I just be clear: 'the procedure is the same' – as what? Upgrading or installing from scratch?
    Any future clean install I do would be as UEFI (never had it, want to try it) so I'm thinking I'm going to have no option other than to visit BIOS...
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    The procedure: A clean the same.

    UEFI is the "NEW"'s replacing the old BIOS. Here's a link on the difference.......but basically it's a BIOS that's locked down for more security. But it can be turned off.

    As I stated change the boot order, you "do not" have to enter the BIOS. Just use the F12 method as outlined.

    Note: by default Windows 10 use GPT (HDD setting) and UEFI on a clean install.
    Whats the Difference Between GPT and MBR When Partitioning a Drive?
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    Plankton said:
    Note: by default Windows 10 use GPT (HDD setting) and UEFI on a clean install.
    This is not true. The decision to do a UEFI or legacy BIOS install depends on

    1) if pc only has legacy bios, it will install legacy bios

    2) if pc only has uefi, it will install uefi

    3) if pc has csm legacy bios support ie can do either, it will install acording to whether pc is set to legacy bios or uefi mode.
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    My mobo has the option of UEFI or BIOS. My system is currently BIOS. If I clean install and want to have UEFI then am I right in saying that I need to enter the BIOS, change boot order to 'USB' and set it to UEFI?
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    You will need to set your motherboard to UEFI and also make the disc/usb bootable to UEFI (GPT) when you make the bootable disc/usb.
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    "...and also make the usb bootable to UEFI (GPT) when you make the bootable usb." The Media Creation Tool makes no mention of this, it's just a case of choosing USB or disc and then the Tool goes ahead and does it. Does the Tool automatically give you a UEFI compatible USB/disc does anyone know?
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    Yes, the MCT will create a USB flash drive that will work in both UEFI and legacy BIOS computers.
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    Great, thanks.
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