Windows 10: Windows License Expiring Solved

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    Also You could try contacting eBay about the possibility of any action they can start for the recovery of the money you paid to this scammer for the software - I would not hold out a lot of hope but they do advertise a money back guarantee on most sales so it may at least help with the cost of the legit software. It would also be a good idea to consider completely removing the counterfeit OS, as you never know what, (nasty), extras may have been added to the original, ( key loggers, etc )
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    Thanks to all for the great help. I will post when I finally bring this to a conclusion.
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    Have given up trying to get in touch with Maxxx Computers/Adam Cooke and filed a complaint with the Cleveland BBB. Never got through to E-Bay as his seller ID is no longer active. I went ahead and purchased a new set of the software. I want to go ahead and install the software. Do I have to remove the old Windows software or does it get removed during the installation process?
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    If the Windows 10 you purchased is Windows 10 Pro, and if you want to keep what you have now, all you have to do is go to the activation screen and change the product key to the valid Windows 10 Pro product key that you purchased.

    If you want to install a new, clean version of Windows 10, then we recommend that you back up everything that you want to keep onto a separate hard drive, USB flash drive or DVD. During Windows 10 setup, select the custom install option, you will be shown a list of partitions existing on the installed hard drive/SSD. Delete those partitions one by one. This will completely erase the hard drive. Then pick the unallocated space and click next to let Windows set up the standard partitions and install itself.
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    i fell prey to the same scam. filed with bbb. just contacted ebay. in the meantime, i have an invalid copy of the o.s. bummed.

    they had the gall to respond to my bbb complaint by telling me to buy a $2 product key from a euro ebay seller. are they trying to get arrested?!
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    A legit Windows 10 Pro retail license should be right around $200. This copy is the one Microsoft intends for you to run. You can move it to another machine later if you decide to get a new computer.

    You can also get Windows 10 Professional 64bit OEM (or Systems Builder) edition. The price here is around $140. Technically, as a home user/hobbiest/enthusiast, the EULA says you aren't supposed to use this license. This however doesn't mean it doesn't work. The Systems Builder version is only to be used on the computer you first install it onto and activate. You aren't allowed to move it.

    You might find a sale or discount of a few $$'s. But if it's like 1/2 or 1/4 or 1/8 of the prices I listed above, it's most likely a scam.

    Just out of curiosity, how much was this license you purchased from this reseller off eBay?
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    aflodin said: View Post
    Bought a PC last October from a company called Maxxx Computers. The computer came with Windows 10. I am now getting a warning message "your windows license will expire soon". When I try to input the product key that I was provided with my computer, I get an error message that I am not connected to my organizations server and a code 0xc004f074. I have tried to contact the vendor, but I not having any luck with that.

    Have purchased many Windows computers but I have never experienced a license expiring. What type of license did I buy? Does this mean I need to purchase a license if I can't make the vendor fix this problem?

    Hi, my name is Jason from Maxxx Computers now "RaptorTechPCS"

    The computer you bought i'm more then positive is a computer bought off of ebay. We ourselves do not sell computers on ebay. We do have dealers that buy from us wholesale and sell them on ebay. Those computers from us do not come with an operating system. Any software installed onto the computers is provided by the ebay seller, in this case i believe you bought from the ebay store "pc gaming store" username melyov aka melissa hoffman of canton, OH. Unfortunately she did that with all the computers she sold, installed windows on them and then used KMS on them to activate them.

    You do have to contact ebay and inform them of the situation. They will help you resolve this problem without you having to come out of pocket. We have had to deal with this a few times and even the BBB sided with us on this issue due to customers bought from a 3rd party and not directly from us. when we sell a computer it does not come "pre-activated". instead you get the key with your computer and when you power it up and connect to the internet it will ask you to input that key, then you are activated.
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    trae said: View Post
    i fell prey to the same scam. filed with bbb. just contacted ebay. in the meantime, i have an invalid copy of the o.s. bummed.

    they had the gall to respond to my bbb complaint by telling me to buy a $2 product key from a euro ebay seller. are they trying to get arrested?!
    yes hi, i spoke to you on this issue. again and Better Business Bureau asked to provide the receipt for the purchase you made. As was said there and I'll say it here and BBB is siding with us on this situation again, "we never sold you a computer" You bought from a 3rd party dealer who bought wholesale from us. From what i understand you have until Monday to provide BBB a receipt showing that you bought from us, not from Melissa Hoffman aka melyov.

    You're argument is because it's "our brand" that makes us responsible. We are responsible for the hardware only and nothing else. That's like saying if you goto walmart and buy HP computer and walmart loads it up with free stuff and it messes up the computer, you can't go complaining to HP about it. You have to go walmart and complain about it.

    in your case (not the other guy) u were being cheap. we even spoke to you before you bought it because as you've said numerous times you had spoken to us before u bought the computer because we are happy to answer questions about it. and as you saw on our website that same computer was 75.00 more then what it was on ebay. We even told you buy from it the website, but noooooooooo. "i want to buy on ebay"

    now you basically learned one of the things about buying on ebay unfortunately and you want us to resolve an issue we never made. if its too good to be true.......... if you bought it from the previous owners of the site, they would have taken of you. even though they don't do sales anymore, they do handle warranty repairs still as i use to work for him.
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