Windows 10: Considering win10, need to know a few things

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  1.    23 Feb 2017 #1

    Considering win10, need to know a few things

    Hi all - I've been on win7 since the beta days, have been building and customizing PCs since 4.77Mhz was the norm, have my interface customized to look like win98 (icons, start menu, no animations, minimal services, etc), and am happy with its instantaneous responsiveness and retro look. Don't judge me - we all like what we like! The main thing I hate about windows "progress" over the years is how it progressively prevents users out from taking control over their machine.

    If I were to upgrade to win10 I have a few requirements and need to know if they are all possible...

    - can all permissions and policy settings be set such that windows NEVER says "sorry you don't have permission" or "are you sure you really want to do that?"

    - can all auto-anything be turned off? Auto updates, call home, everything.

    I'm assuming the interface can be made like I want since ClassicShell has a win10 version.

    Basically I want to know if there is ANYTHING that win10 disallows that a person coming from an extremely hacked win7 environment might be limited by. Thanks
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    No, it is just the same. I'm sure you'll like it.
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    Normally you can't prevent security updates for Home and Pro. For Pro, you can prevent driver updates through Windows Update. The intent is to keep Windows in a patched state, regardless of the choices of the user.

    I believe that some "telemetry" is sent back to MS with privacy settings at their maximum.

    The "signed driver" thing and the authorization pop-up to run some software continue.

    If you're paranoid about Microsoft's intentions, you may not want to go to 10.
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    I have no problem with microsoft's intentions at all, just prefer to control my machine myself. Automatic security updates sounds preferable - so no problem there. Disabling automatic driver updates is critical, so Pro would work there. Looks like telemetry can be disabled. So far so good but I bet there's more...
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    I have used Windows since 3.1 then 95 etc and to me 10 is the best by far whatever I have wanted to it has allowed me and believe me I have 8 systems running windows 10 and all doing different jobs and not once have I been let down
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    I agree completely with @hTconeM9user and a dozen computers in my household. But, as with everything in our society, more and more control is being taken away from the individual and transferred to "big brother", so if you don't want to give up that control, then might want to stick with Windows 7.
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  7.    23 Feb 2017 #7

    I just want to know exactly where the user is giving up control versus windows 7. Security updates is the only thing that has come up so far, which is no problem at all, a benefit really. This is a very specific technical question aimed at those who do registry editing, group policy changing, windows service changing, folder and file ownership changing. On the sevenforum site a lot of guys tried win10 but went back to win7 because of what they felt were win10 annoyances, and I'm hoping someone out there did not give up so easily, and got to where win10 was as under their control as was win7.
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  8.    23 Feb 2017 #8

    Pretty much under control here, have both Win10 Home and Pro.
    Don't like tablet stuff looks like something AOL threw together so that all went, don't like the Win10 start menu replaced it with Classic Start Menu.
    Turned off all the phone home stuff not as I'm paranoid but on a data limit, or was when I set it all up should I say.
    No intention of using the Annoying Paperclip reincarnation otherwise known as Cortana, so disabled it.
    Got rid of One drive, got my own alternatives which I'm quite happy with.
    You can block driver updates easily enough on both Pro and Home.
    UAC turned down, only me here and I know what I'm doing.
    No issues with registry editing, group policy, windows services, folder and file ownership.
    Lots of things can be dealt with I found out after having done it all myself, with Winaero Tweaker or Ultimate Windows Tweaker, if you don't fancy doing it the hard way.
    I was extremely Anti Win8 8.1 an 10 until it was forced on me, I just bit the bullet and got on with taming it.
    Just to add, my installs look pretty much like Win7.
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    perfect clam1952 that's exactly what I was looking for. If I get win10 home it looks like I need to download gpedit, so is there any reason to get pro?
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       23 Feb 2017 #10

    The only real problem I ran into for this is if you disable UAC, you can't use the App Store.
    Now, since I don't use apps anyway, it's no longer a problem for me and I have UAC completely disabled.
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