I've written a Windows mobile app for some internal users (runs on a Win10 64bit rugged tablet). They are very picky about settings/app so I'd like to automate the process in a way where I configure one master tablet and somehow capture as much of it as possible (don't need the OS - but need everything else) and apply on another tablet. Items I want to copy include: user accounts (2), lock screen image, settings for task bar, tray, startup, FileExplorer settings....and some setup exe's to be applied manually

I've been assured that this is possible (even easy) but I'm drowning in WDS/MDM/XYZ terms. We do have a WDS server around and I'm getting a bootable image from the tablet vendor soon.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Maybe outline the broad steps with just enough detail so I can successfully google my way through this? IT help is limited other than providing access to their WDS.