Windows 10: Could not complete Win10 installation from USB Solved

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  1.    09 Feb 2017 #11

    Was able to fix this using the MediaCreationTool from Microsoft (thanks for including that bit of information, @pmf001), I'll inform my college they have a bad resource. Thanks for the help everybody, really appreciate it!
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    win 10 home 64bit
       11 Feb 2017 #12

    Sorry to highjack this thread but my probelm similar to that of the OP.
    Ive replaced a faulty MB with an identical one under warranty, but Im have been unable to do a clean install of win10 onto either the SSD or the HDD . (All my own data is backedup to an external USB drive). I can get into BIOS and see SMART data from SDD and HDD.
    I have tried all of the above suggestions but Ive have got nowhere. Ive also done a secure erase on the SDD and updated the BIOS.
    Asus Z170-A MB with 16GB RAM
    i5 660K
    OCZ 120GB SSD
    Samsung 500GB HDD

    The MB is indicating no faults (unlike the previous one). Upon booting via F8 from USB UEFI I get the twirly dots for a few secs then a flash of a blue screen with a sad face, then it reboots and the process just repeats. Occassionally there are some numbers adjacent to the blue sad face but too fleeting to read.

    FWIW I previously installed Win10 without any probelm to an identical board before it stopped working 2 weeks later. During boot up I got a blue screen saying automatic repair required followed by several reboots and then it lost all video output to the monitor, with a confirmatory VGA LED warning on the MB. At the time I wasnt sure if the problem was originally a SSD or MB issue.

    Any suggestions about how to get the new system going?
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  3. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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       11 Feb 2017 #13

    Hi Jules59

    First off as this is a new MB and freshly installed I would start with opening it up and confirming everything is plug in and in the right position. Also check the switches are set they way you expect. No way challenging you but a switch turned on or off accidentally can cause a lot of lost sleep. So with connectors confirmed, DIMM seating confirmed and all the switches Asus provides for you confirmed I would test memory.

    Please confirm all overclocks are disabled.


    MemTest86+ - Test RAM

    Then I would get fresh copy of Windows and clean install.

    Windows 10 - Clean Install

    I read you've tried the solution but please confirm secure boot is off and Fast boot is disabled. Do not enter any MS keys unless you absolutely have to. There was also some other setting mention on an Asus board within this thread.

    Not sure if you have smart phone but when you boot I found making a video can help you see what can't be seen.

    Post back, lots of really experienced people here.

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    win 10 home 64bit
       11 Feb 2017 #14

    Ken - thanks for your help.
    All those jobs are for tomorrow now - my head has had enough of PCs for one night
    Will get back to you later.
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  5. Berton's Avatar
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       11 Feb 2017 #15

    One issue I see frequently with booting and USB devices is the BIOS has support for USB 2.0 devices and ports but usually not USB 3.0 [my 2-month-old is that way]. USB 3.0 has to happen with the OS providing drivers so I always make sure to use the USB 2.0 ports, usually black innards while USB 3.0 is usually blue.
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  6.    12 Feb 2017 #16

    Check out this thread:

    [Build Help] Installing Windows 10 from USB "Windows could not complete installation" : buildapc

    Essentially, you should install windows 10 Pro and then upgrade to windows 10 education when you input your key. This worked for me too.
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    win 10 home 64bit
       12 Feb 2017 #17


    How long should memtest take? Its running now and its taken over 2 hours for just 2 passess. No errors though (yet).
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    win 10 home 64bit
       12 Feb 2017 #18

    I did this before starting memtest.
    Im still unable to install Win 10 via USB ( tried 2 different USB stick in both USB 2 and 3 slots) - each time boots up - get the twirly dots , then a flash of BSOD with a sad face, sometimes with an error code that is too fleeting to read and then the system reboots and repeats with BSOD etc.

    Therefore I tried installing my old Win 7 DVD to the HDD and the SDD separately.

    Each time it boots via the DVD drive but before I get a screen asking about where to install win 7 etc I get another BSOD but this it stops with an error code :

    HDD error
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	error HDD.jpg 
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Size:	84.3 KB 
ID:	120962

    SSD error
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	error SSD.jpg 
Views:	1 
Size:	77.2 KB 
ID:	120963

    They mean nothing to me but can anyone help.
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  9. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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       12 Feb 2017 #19

    Ouch. Memtest will run as long as you let it. I usually just let it run overnight. You did to full passes, lets move on.

    Please confirm you download new Windows 10 media and either created a new disc or usb key.

    Assuming you have another computer please attach both disks one at a time. On HDD run chkdsk. If not errors delete all partitions. On SSD run chkdsk, and again delete all partitions.

    Please confirm you have no overclocks in place, you deliberately set BIOS to not perform and switches on board have been confirmed.

    If you can't boot these in Win 10 or 7 using a clean install something serious is wrong. DIMMS are in right slots?? Try installing with just on dimm?

    The HDD error indicates a problem with drive. You can google yourself and read. The stop code on SSD can also indicate same.
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    win 10 home 64bit
       13 Feb 2017 #20

    Thanks again.

    But why should 2 different storage media fail simultaneously? seems very odd to me.

    I got 4 passes over 8 hours using Memtest in default mode.
    I also tried the F2 "multithreading " mode and it locked up after some time with a "W" in the last core. Does this indicate a CPU core fault.

    Ive also tried the intel IPDT - it runs fine on my laptop but the GUI wont start on the PC.

    Ive also tried running xubuntu from bootable USB - works fine on laptop but wont start on the PC.

    Could this indicate a CPU fault too.

    I cant get hold of another PC till the weekend Im afraid, so things will have to wait before I can start swapping components.
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