Decided to ask.
After some struggle with w10 10122 - I decided to “clean” install w10 10130.
On my MSI CR61 3M it turned out impossible to do so from USB ISO.
Had experiments with w7 - too no success.
To revive that laptop I installed W10 10130 on MSI’ s disk using another computer.
And to my great surprise - it worked!
And I get (from “cloud”) even my desktop’s wallpaper.

But then..

I was prompted to create PIN code (with text that password is thing of past..), and that was fine.

Yesterday I decided to get W 10159; but then realized that my update setting was changed from
”fast” to “slow”. Ok. Change it back.
Not so wonderful - windows icon on taskbar (left corner) appeared to be inactive.
(say, grayed out) with working right click options. So - was not possible to get to
insiders hub.

Today , after series of attempts finally build 10159 is here. BUT-.
Now - PIN code disappeared; instead I entered my password. Fine.
In notifications - I get yellow triangle with text :

“Verify your identity on this PC
your saved credentials for apps, websites, and networks won’t sync until you
verify your identity on this PC”.

Weird. I entered my password that is - my Windows account password.

Attempt to activate something - this message stand for - brought me
effectively option to verify - and immediately was closed over with
big, black window. Attempt to disable of that black window
(that had “cross” - upper right corner) just crushed shell -
with eventual recovery.

So - Question:
How can I verify my identity? (There are my telephone number with my account;
if what - someone can send me message.. ) [I have not any saved credentials etc... ]
The same time - I now “windows” icon is “alive”; and feedback tool works.
Any explanation of events mentioned would be appreciated..

About Windows.
My humble needs to read from websites and to listen ICEcast are satisfied.
Still I wonder about large amount of RAM consumed.. (system commit stays now on 1,9 GB)