Windows 10: Installing windows required connect to internet ?

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  1.    04 Feb 2017 #1

    Installing windows required connect to internet ?

    When clean installing windows, there's a first step installation menu appear like copying files, installing updates etc. Does this process need internet connection ? Because my internet suddenly off, so i've to think it's will impact my installation.
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    Hello Mikel, :)

    An Internet connection would only be required to activate and setup a Microsoft account during Windows Setup. Updates will also be skipped. Otherwise, you could set up a local account for now during setup, and switch to a Microsoft account and activate later if you like when you have an Internet connection.
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    My opinion is that for all installations and upgrades, everyone should disconnect from the internet, until the installation has reached the final desktop after "let's start".

    Any updates required can be downloaded then, once you have a fully user-logged-on system in place to deal with any unfortunate problems that may arise, and you have your chosen full security measures set up and running.

    It is quicker, because there is no waiting for connections and downloads, no long pauses waiting for user logons and passwords to your connection that are not possible because you have no input available. It will only work if you have a system that has DCHP, not static IP addressing anyway, and you do not want to give out your wifi security details to an unprotected automated install system.

    It's probably safer to disconnect, since nobody knows what level of firewall or anti-malware protection your install process has, when the "User" in control of your computer has system-wide and trusted installer privileges, and is involved in totally predictable activities linked to known Microsoft IP addresses, and your operating system is WinPE, not a full OS. In other words, your system is rather vulnerable during setup.

    If device drivers are downloaded during setup, there are risks of incompatibilities which could cause setup to fail and rollback, which is not only frustrating, it is costly in terms of re-downloading material which may impact the user's internet download quota over a given period.
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  4.    06 Feb 2017 #4

    If possible (that's usually possible only with wired connection) I like to have it connected to internet because it may need driver(s) to download/update. Except for short time when it checks for drivers, installation is usually not much longer than without internet.
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  5.    06 Feb 2017 #5

    I'd rather have an Internet connection. Sure the install may be faster, but in my case I'll be limited to one monitor and a low resolution, and no sound etc. Delay now or delay latter. I just site back and sip a coffee while Windows update installs my video, sound etc drivers and all my hardware becomes active. It usually happens within minutes of logging in for the first time. With no Internet connection my system is crippled until I connect. I think its actually quicker than manually running Windows update. Seems that way to me.
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       06 Feb 2017 #6

    Windows 10 is well equipped with built-in drivers, shown dramatically when Cortana helps with talking you through a clean installation with the internet unplugged - All that I find that need to get installed after the first boot to desktop are my Nvidia GPU drivers, and my Printers all by auto update, and NEVER, EVER my Realtek HD audio drivers, just the Microsoft HD audio basic stuff. I have to get the Realtek OEM drivers either manually online or copied from a backup. Ethernet and wireless drivers are always there OOB and start immediately I plug in the RJ45, or switch on the router.

    But I have had disastrous failures due to GPU drivers that are too recent for older hardware being downloaded and installed and the resultant hangs cause the install to rollback. If by any chance a crippled system boots, it can be very hard to turn around, so I play it safe, and when the wrong GPU driver has been installed, it can be very frustrating if Windows determines thereafter that the best driver has been installed.

    What I cannot understand is that we don't run our systems using super administrator privileges, without a firewall or any antimalware/antivirus, and connect to internet, with a stripped down system yet we allow WinPE and setup, running as SYSTEM or as Trusted Installer all the unprotected Internet it requires. And the transactions between our PCs and the various Microsoft servers are predictable and easy for a malicious script to hijack.

    There's apparently millions of insiders allowing their systems to be used like this on almost a weekly basis and then the half-billion or so General Windows 10 public are expected to do this perhaps 2x a year. A malicious coder could have months to perfect an exploit based on this premise, then bang, Windows 10 gets very badly let down. I hope it won't happen, but I expect that something along these lines may well be in some underground pipeline.
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  7.    07 Feb 2017 #7

    IMHO Windows 10 is by far the best Windows OS so far, as far a OOBE drivers go. If I had to do a clean install with my Internet down I would have no problem using my PC. All my must have hardware would be usable. The drivers supplied by Windows update have come a long way too. I don't have to manually install any drivers on the four PC's I have here at home. Windows update takes care of it all. I had a lot of issues with video drivers (AMD and NVidia) with the preview builds though. I ended up going back to Windows 8.1 several time until they got reliable drivers sorted out. I can see where you might want to install with no Internet, it has its advantages. I just chose no to do it is all.
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  8.    07 Feb 2017 #8

    I prefer offline installation because it doesn't shorten your username.
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       07 Feb 2017 #9

    I let Windows do the updates after installation, I go outside or do anything during the update. It takes 2 hours for me because of a slow connection.
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       07 Feb 2017 #10

    That too Swar, I hate being called Fafh. And I agree that the OOB drivers with Windows 10, Alph are really pretty good, although not as good as with modern linux distros IMO.

    Finally Roas, I sympathise, and you make my point for me.
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