Windows 10: How the FREE Activation works w/ ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGIES upgrade Solved

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    How the FREE Activation works w/ ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGIES upgrade

    Does anyone know anything about Microsoft's"Windows 10 free upgrade for customers who use ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGIES"? The page only explain Microsofts commitment to help those in need and say the the upgrade is still available, it then there is UPGRADE NOW button at the bottom, which is a link to save an executable file called - "Windows10Upgrade24074.exe"
    WHAT IS THAT FILE GOING TO DO? I'm not on the machine the I want to upgrade window to or it's really a matter or activation the OS once it's been upgraded, right.
    Ok, so here's what I'm trying to do TONIGHT ... I have some good friends who have had their laptops fail this weekend. They would both qualify for the Assistive Tech upgrade, cause one uses a magnified screen all the time due to eye sight, and the other can't type very well so she uses speech. I have one of their laptops here with me tonight and the problem was simply a hard drive failure. I went out today and got a 320 to replace the dead 250 for $25 bucks and the were thrilled at that price. Now ... of course this machine was still Win 7, I'm thinking now problem because I have heard about the assistive technologies upgrade offer. But now what?

    What I'm asking is "What is that file"?? What does it do? I've downloaded it onto my computer, but I'm not going to run it on this machine. My plans was to install the new HHD and using my creation tool (version 1607) to install the new OS. I'm thinking that is when I should run that file, after the new OS is installed and running and the I would run that file to help get their Windows Activated.

    Is that a good plan? I do have the Win 7 product key.

    If anyone knows about this, please get back to me tonight. I'll be here in the forum and online with my computer while I'm going through the install on the laptop.

    Thanks All
    RoyBOY Denver.
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    The EXE file you are asking about upgrades Windows 7 to Windows 10.

    You have two choices:

    Install Windows 10 and attempt to activate it with the Windows 7 product key. If the Windows 7 product key is not blocked from automatic online activation, it will still work (MS is still allowing that but we don't know for how long).

    Install Windows 7 and activate it with the Windows 7 product key. Upgrade that to Windows 10.
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    Thanks Guys for those responses ...

    The problem then is that I have just finished a beautiful clean install of version 1607 OS Build 14393.0. We have a Win 7 product key on the bottom of one of the laptops. Suppose I could try that. You see both of the laptops had dead hard drives, so I was not working with a running OS of 7.

    SO ... Now that I know, on the other laptop, which I still need to get up and running. Where do I get an ISO file of Win 7? I guess what your saying is that I should reinstall 7 first, then run the "..24074.exe" file to upgrade the OS to Windows 10.

    AND ... N9NU, if I am working with Win 7 machines and not ever having Win 8 / 8.1 why would I need the 28084 file? Will it work on the Win 7 and is only by running 28084 re-named to 24074 do we get around the product key request? But if I ISO back to win 7 won't I need a activated OS even before going for the upgrade.

    Also ... does anyone think that maybe a call to Microsoft tomorrow with the one product key we have might work to get us activated? Or I'm I going to have to rollback this install to Win 7 only so I can run that 24074 file?

    Thanks again, RoyboyDenver
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    As stated by Navy..........

    You should not have to install 7 first, just install 10 and use your 7 key to activate.

    If you really want a Windows 7 Iso file, you can use this site.

    Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool

    If you need a W10 Iso

    Access Denied
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  5.    30 Jan 2017 #5


    First, just try changing the Windows 10 Product Key to the Windows 7 product key and see if it activates. Change product key function is found on the activation tab of the Updates & Security settings control panel.

    If you have to go back to a Windows 7 install in order to use phone activation to activate Windows with the Windows 7 product key, you can do the upgrade to Windows 10 in two ways. If you have a Windows 10 installation USB flash drive or DVD, just insert it with Windows 7 running and run setup.exe from it.

    Or download the Windows 10 ISO file (see @AddRAM provided link above), mount it using a program like WinCDEmu and run setup.exe from the mounted ISO file.

    WinCDEmu - the easiest way to mount an ISO. And more...

    These EXE programs that you are talking about to do the upgrade with are just going to download the same data contained in the ISO file anyway.
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  6.    30 Jan 2017 #6

    @ RoyBoyDenver Do as NavyLCDR has advised and you will be fine , not what addram says
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    It should be noted that in Windows 8x and 10, .ISO files can be mounted natively by Windows Explorer and no 3rd party program is needed - that WinCDEmu (or other utilities that mount .ISO files as virtual optical drive volumes) is only necessary for Windows 7 in this context.
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  8.    31 Jan 2017 #8

    Here goes.
    I am currently running an Authentic copy of Win7-64 Pro. Next week I will be building a New PC, from this one almost ground up, save for a couple of storage drives. Of these drives one is 160GB SSD (OCZ) containing the current OS which I want to upgrade onto 525GB SSD (Crucial) for reliability and storage.
    This will be all new hardware MOBO, CPU, RAM, VIDEO & DVD DRIVES.
    - Now the question -
    What order should I proceed in to upgrade to 10 & UEFI without multiple re-installs and countless hours on the phone to India explaining the upgrade? Can I run a clean 10 install from MS DL site and use my 7 key or are there more contortions to go through?
    Inquiring minds want to know.
    So as I understand this i can run win 10 Pro clean from the MS Site? Is there a way to install off of a thumb drive with UEFI or do I still need to do a complete DL from MS?
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    AddRAM said: View Post
    As stated by Navy..........

    You should not have to install 7 first, just install 10 and use your 7 key to activate.

    If you really want a Windows 7 Iso file, you can use this site.

    Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool

    If you need a W10 Iso

    Access Denied

    Well that's good to know, cause I have one of the laptops already up and running with Win 10, it just needs the activation. Now ... remember, my friends came round with dead hard drives on 2 separate laptops (both DELL's BTW), but only one has a Win 7 pro sticker on the bottom of it. (And it's NOT the one we decided to put the new hard drive in. But I'm going to use that key to attempt the activation on my new install. ) The other laptop, well my friends have lost .. misplace the bottom trapdoor of that laptop and that is where the sticker for that machine was located. (They are still searching the house for that little plastic piece, told them I really needed it ).

    So to recap .... The goal is to get the one Laptop running with an activated Win 10. Then we will get another replacement hard drive for the other computer. From what I've been learning here, with this one it might be best to reinstall a version of 7 and then take the Microsoft Adaptive Tech route to upgrade that 7 to 10. Once I get that 10 legal with it's own DL, I'll then go ahead an do a clean install of 10 to clear out all that 7 stuff and let my friends walk away with to decent laptops that have just been given a fresh clean new look and feel. Only with they had brought these babies around last year about this time with both hard drives still working. That 'Fresh clean new look' would have been so much easier to do for them. Oh well, such is life ....


    Does all that sound like a plan??
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    Here's the Update and HAPPY ENDING!

    I did as was*suggested*... Once my clean install of Win 10 home was up and running I put in the Win 7pro Product Key that I had available and .... PRESTO! **Not only did the activation work just fine,*but Windows went ahead and Upgraded my installed version*to Win 10pro! So tell all your friends that are still holding out. The FREE switch is still available, they're just*not advertising*that fact any longer.

    THANKS ALL*for the help!
    love ya . . . mean it!
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