How set up dual boot with two version of Windows 10

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       24 Jan 2017 #11

    AddRAM said: View Post
    I assumed he was also going with 7 because it`s already installed, we`ll just have to wait for him to post a shot of the install drive he wants to use. :)

    And a clearer explanation of his plan.

    I totally agree with you about the boot files being on 1 single Active SR partition if he goes MBR, and that`s what I told him too, but I thought he was using EFI, I got a bit mixed up there because I was working on another thread

    I just meant that each install would not be sharing files during the install. Makes sense Yes ?

    And his Disk 0 looks strange, the W7 partition is marked Active and yet he has a System Reserved partition, but we can`t see it all.
    Everything has to be on C. It is marked Active and System. It doesn't look like the System Reserved is being used at all.
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  2.    24 Jan 2017 #12

    Another factor (I cannot see the donwload files from my phone is that you limited to only 4 primary partitions on the drive. If all 4 are in use, it is not easy to install a new OS as well. One way round this is to install new OS in a virtual hard drive or on a second drive.
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       24 Jan 2017 #13

    Steve told me the OP does have another drive to work with, but we will have to wait until he can work with us, I`m going to nodsville
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       24 Jan 2017 #14

    I had to rep OP now for giving me an idea for a tutorial when I saw the original posts earlier today :)

    Here's the new tutorial, published just minutes ago: Macrium Reflect - Use Macrium Image to set up Dual / Multi Boot

    The whole process is incredibly easy, uncomplicated and fast, taking less than a minute of your time not counting time needed to make an image of old Windows and restoring it to new setup.

    You can take an image of MBR partitioned legacy BIOS Windows installation and set it up on GPT partitioned UEFI system without any whatsoever conversions or issues, or vice versa, make a UEFI / GPT image to dual boot on a BIOS / MBR machine.

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  5.    24 Jan 2017 #15

    Hello folks!! I'll try, in this post, to clear up where I came from, where I would like to end up - and why.

    1. I started out with Windows 7.
    2. The attached Disk Management #1 jpg shows my system as it is now and what it was like after I installed Windows 10 over Windows 7 (which is what it's like right now).
    3. When Windows 10 became available, I downloaded it and installed it over Windows 7 - which I didn't want anymore. I made the jump!!!
    4. There were always problems with Windows 10 installed over Windows 7 - even though it was usable, I was hobbling along. Also, sfc /scannow always showed corrupt system files which could not be corrected.
    5. Some of you folks told me I should perform a clean install. I balked at first since I have over 100 apps and I would have to install them all over again - one by one.
    6. After some other attempts to fix my OS, I agreed to perform a clean install - which I'm ready to do.
    7. At least one of you warned me that, if I already had a Windows installation on my computer, I should get rid of it (physically take it out of my computer) before the clean install - because the installation of Windows 10 might get confused and put some files in the existing Windows where they didn't belong.
    8. I'm aware of the EULA - but I want to do a clean install of Windows 10 in a new partition on my system drive since I have plenty of room.
    9. Also, having a dual boot of my old Windows 10 with all the apps installed (bugs and all) - and a clean install, I could always jump back and forth between the two OSs and use the old Windows 10 to operate with until I was satisfied I had the clean install set up enough with apps that I could operate with the clean install.
    10. Then, I intend to delete the old Windows 10 with all the bugs.
    11. 99% of my data resides on Disk "D" which I reserve for Data only. The other 1% is data or settings built into the apps which I have not found a way to get a pointer to point to the "D" drive. I would eventually like ALL my data on the "D" drive.
    12. On the Data drive"D" (Disk 1) reside all of my up-to-date drivers. This drive is an SSD physical drive - as is the 1TB primary drive (Disk 0). Both are built in to the computer.
    13. Disk 2 is one of my three external USB backup drives. I backup my OS drive and Data drive every day or so onto all my three backup drives. I think I've covered my self pretty well. If not, please tell me what else I can do for backup.
    14. I also have a program that I use about once a week onto which I make a file by file (folder by folder) backup. I can get to any file on my computer.
    15. I am using Legacy Bios - up-to-date. I don't know what EUFI is or what advantages it has for me. Please tell me if I should (or can) switch to EUFI.
    16. NOTE: I have plenty of room on Disk 0 to make a partition and perform a clean install of Window 10. Again, my plan is to make a dual boot machine.
    17. I have always used Macrium (free edition) to make my images - and I have multiple CDs as external emergency boot media.
    18. If I have two intallations of Window 10 on the same physical drive, I am concerned about what might happen if I decide to delete one of them.
    19. Both Disk 1 and Disk 2 are marked Active - and one of you said it shouldn't be. I don't understand - please explain.

    I hope I've answered all your questions clearly. If not, Just ask and I'll do the best I can. I'm still learning from you folks - that's great!!!

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  6.    24 Jan 2017 #16

    Ooops - I forgot to attach the jpg of DM. Here it is:
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  7.    24 Jan 2017 #17

    Nisko said: View Post
    8. I'm aware of the EULA - but I want to do a clean install of Windows 10 in a new partition on my system drive since I have plenty of room.

    Are you also aware of the forum rules which prohibit us from helping you violate the EULA?

    Now, that being said - your system partition which contains the boot files that the computer boots from is also your C: drive. So if you should install a second copy of Windows that you purchase a license for and install it to a blank partition, what will happen is that it will install itself as a second OS by modifying the boot files on the current C: drive partition (containing the old Windows installation). When/if you decide to delete that partition, you will also delete the boot files and your computer won't boot anymore until you create new boot files.

    Your system partition (see the word system inside the parenthesis of your C: drive partition?) should be the 500mb system reserved partition, not the C: drive partition. You might be able to use EasyBCD to move the system partition to it:
    EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies

    Changing the Boot Partition
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  8.    24 Jan 2017 #18

    I use EasyBCD for a couple of things regarding the Boot Partition. Do I understand you correctly that you're telling my the part that says "(System, etc.) - the System part should be in the 500MB partition? Then, it's in the wrong partition? Any idea how it could have gotten there? I'll take a look at EasyBCD and see if it can be moved - but I won't do anything until I understand from you that I'm doing the correct thing.

    No, I wasn't aware that you couldn't help if I was breaking the EULA. Actually, I thought if the other Windows 10 was on the same computer than it wouldn't be breaking the EULA. I'll have to purchase another Windows 10 package.
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  9.    24 Jan 2017 #19

    Looked at EasyBCD and don't see anything in there about moving the System part of what's in my C: partition to the System Reserved partition.
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  10.    24 Jan 2017 #20

    Nisko said: View Post
    Looked at EasyBCD and don't see anything in there about moving the System part of what's in my C: partition to the System Reserved partition.
    You might have to assign the System Reserved partition a drive letter in Disk Management.
    How To Change a Drive Letter (Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP)

    If that works, after you move the system partition to the System Reserved partition, you can go back and remove the drive letter.
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