Hi again,

After 4 hrs had to abandon that but, I found the reason why.

The info you gave me comes with the ISO for uefi, the "Technical" one, as default. Now I realised that on the top left has the option to dawnload for BIOS or uefi.

The BIOS ISO I had already (the one that failed) so used rufus to put it in my USB.

The USB worked on restart & w10 is duly running on the spare HD this afternoon, only hope it boots up in the morning, this time. If all OK when the next issue comes in Jly I'll update my main PC.

The only thing, my 5 logical partitions are gone. Any easier way to get them back than to create them & copy all files from my main PC?

I was asked for my MS Account em address, I entered mine but was not recognised so I opted out of that. Is the MS ACC. necessary, what does it do?

It all took 00:50 mnts. ....thanks for your persistence to help me ....nick