Win 10 preview never worked for me... but......

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    Windows 8.1

    Win 10 preview never worked for me... but......

    I tried many times to get win 10 preview to work on my Samsung RV511 laptop which easily meets all the requirements.... it hangs immediately at the logo screen when trying to install. Naturally, I could get it running in a VM but that doesn't allow the OS to use the real processing power of my laptop.

    However.... I'm running Win 8.1 perfectly on this machine and so I received the 'Reserve your free upgrade' invite.

    How do I discover absolutely 100% if in fact the official Win 10 will actually run on my laptop....? Logically one would imagine that if the preview (any build up to 10049 when I gave up trying) wouldn't install then the official won't install either....?.... but surely the invite software is designed to test a system is capable of running Win 10 before it issues the invite...?

    I tried many times to get help from the official MS Win 10 people.... but not enough staff watching their forum to cope with 4 million potential issues and I could never get a definitive answer.

    If anyone here can advise me please do

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    You mean the logo screen, when you first boot into your DVD/USB?
    It takes a long time to rotate. On my slow Laptop, about ten minutes +/-.
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    Windows 8.1
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    Dave.... thanks for chiming in... but seriously don't even bother to try and solve why I can't install..... I can tell you that the spinning white dots NEVER appear.... and I left it once for 24 hours.... it simply hangs as soon as the Windows logo appears... and it doesn't matter if i use USB installer or DVD.... or even OTA update.... whenever it gets to the logo screen it simply stops dead.

    So... back to my question.... can anyone tell me how I might be able to check if the official version will actually install and run on my awesome laptop which has more than enough spec to comply with Windows 10..............???

    I ask the question because the MS software has browsed everyone's windows system and identified that I'm running 8.1 and as such I qualify for the Win 10 free upgrade......... but no point trying to install if it won't work on my laptop.
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    win 7 dual boot / 10

    Be sure to do this when preparing to install 10 tp
    Win 10 preview never worked for me... but......-secure-boot.jpg
    And use this tutorial to build a UEFI USB installer
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    Windows 8.1
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    Calling all Samsung owners - Windows 10 Forums

    believe me Charlie........ I spent 6 weeks trying EVERYTHING to get TP installed on this machine which as I said runs 8.1 flawlessly and more than meets the requirements for Win 10.... turns out a few of us Samsung owners have an anomaly which no-one can resolve.

    I even went out and bought a brand new Samsung 850 EVO SSD...... made no diff of course... but it proved there was nothing on my machine preventing Win 10 TP from installing..... and yes I have the very latest BIOS.
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    Win 10 pro 1803

    got USB hardrive/s ?
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    Windows 8.1
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    here's the ultimate test.... return my laptop to it's brand new state (but with upgraded SSD instead of HDD) so it is now effectively just like I'd removed it from the box when new.... (and with latest BIOS installed)

    Nothing plugged in to USB ports except the USB installer with Win 10 TP (downloaded from official link and MD5 checked).... battery removed and just running on AC power.

    Stops dead at the Windows logo screen.... spinning white dots circle to indicate background install activity NEVER appear even leaving it for 24 hours.

    change USB installer to my Win 8.1.... and it installs perfectly !!!! .............. There's a gremlin in this laptop.......
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    Windows 3.1 to Windows 10

    how did you get the Download to the USB ?

    Copied ISO contents to a format Fat32 usb..
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    Windows 8.1
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    You can't create a MBR USB installer in FAT32....... Rufus won't allow it.... and the Microsoft Usb install creator won't create a FAT32 either.

    Even if i try to download the Win 10 TP update and install that way.... it gets to a point where it needs to restart and as soon as the Windows logo appears it stops dead.......... gremlin !!!
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    Windows 3.1 to Windows 10

    What ???
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