Windows 10: USB Flash Drive - Create to Install Windows 10? Solved

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    10 pro 64 clean install
       17 Oct 2016 #51

    Okay let me try to make you get a better picture as to what will happen. lets say you have a car and the car has engine problems, now you try fixing the car but it just doesn't seem to get fixed . What I'm saying we will do is remove the whole engine from the car and load a new engine . This way you shouldn't have any more engine problems, or at least you shouldn't... Now back to what I have asked you . Do you know how to view the Devise Manager because before you do a clean installation it's always best to to view what's is installed on the computer . Windows 10 will probably load the drivers once it gets installed but it's always a good measure to have the needed drivers anyways on a external hard drive or flash drive .... If you go to Devise Manager you will notice like the pic below

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Notice the arrow on each category click on the arrow it will expand and show you needed info as to what is require for your system . Now all we are going to look for is Display adapters and Network adapters. Once you have view those . Next we are going to go to HP website and find the drivers for your computer model and I believe this is your model, just copy and paste to your browser

    If it's the correct model I want you to download the Audio, both Chipset ... And remember I told you to view the Devise Manager for Display adapters and Network adapters match what is under the Devise Manager with what is at the HP website for Graphic and Network ... In another word if in the Devise Manager the Display adapters shows AMD Graphics then you select the AMD graphics at the HP website and download the driver, the same goes with the Network, what ever it shows under the Devise Manager for Network is what you match it up at the HP website ... Does that make sense to you ? Once you have the drivers then make a back up of your stuff / data onto a external hard drive, Okay ?
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  2.    17 Oct 2016 #52

    First, you don't want to change your permanent boot order. Your permanent boot order is what you have listed above. You want to enter the UEFI (bios) setup and probably on the last screen where you "Exit and Save", there should be boot override options listed. With the Windows 10 USB flash drive inserted when you enter the UEFI (bios) setup, it should show up in the list of boot override options, and that is where you select it. The computer should then reboot that one time from the USB flash drive.

    Click Install Windows, click I don't have a product key, select Windows 10 Home, on the option screen for Upgrade or Custom Install select the Custom Install option. The next screen will show the partitions on your hard drive. Click on each partition and then the delete icon until you have nothing but one big unallocated space left on the hard drive, then click next to install Windows to the big unallocated space. You do not need to setup partitions, Windows setup will do that for you.

    If at any time during the setup you are asked if you want to install updates, click NO. After Windows 10 setup finishes, normal Windows update will install the cumulative update.

    I would say you have about a 90% chance of the clean install working and fixing everything, but in the event it does fail, the step where you delete all the existing partitions on the hard drive will erase everything previously there, so if Windows setup does fail after that either you will have to know how to do more troubleshooting with something like Kyhi's Recovery Drive (on this forum) or take the computer to someone who can. It is a major plus in this case if you have an operating computer you can use as a back to download whatever you might need to make the problem computer work again.

    Do you have any tech savvy friends at all that could sit down with you during the clean install to help?

    Since you have an external hard drive, if it is large enough you can make an image of your current hard drive using Macrium Reflect and save that to the external hard drive. If the clean install fails, then you would boot into either a disc made of Macrium Reflect recovery, or Kyhi's recover drive and restore the saved image to the hard drive and be back to where you were before you wiped it out.

    If you do end up changing your permanent boot order and during Windows setup the computer just reboots and loops back to the very first Install Now Windows setup screen, all you have to do then is remove the USB flash drive and reboot the computer to continue setup from the hard drive.

    Also, there is a command you can run in a Command Prompt (Admin) Window before you do the clean install that would save all your third party hardware drivers to either the USB flash drive (if room available) or the external hard drive. Then you had any hardware that Windows didn't provide a driver for, you could just install them from that. I'll have to look the command up, because I am not on a Windows 10 computer at the moment. That's a very good "safety net" that I recommend.

    In Command Prompt (Admin) it is:

    DISM /Online /Export-Driver /Destination:E:\destpath

    The part in red would be to a folder you create for the drivers on the USB flash drive or external hard drive.
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    10 pro 64 clean install
       17 Oct 2016 #53

    @NavyLCDR good catch with his Bios set up . I agree with having a 90% chance of not having any issues afterwards . Also, I don't think even if he does delete what ever partitions gets shown up will it wipe off the recovery one. That would require using a good third party partition software and even if by chance it still gets deleted he can always use a windows 8.1 disc to reinstall his original OP and I'm sure he has the 8.1 license keys somewhere, right 2harts4ever ?
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  4.    17 Oct 2016 #54

    sn00ker said: View Post
    Also, I don't think even if he does delete what ever partitions gets shown up will it wipe off the recovery one.
    Yes, it will delete the recovery partition.
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  5.    17 Oct 2016 #55

    @Harts4ever If you do a clean installation of Windows 10 I highly doubt you'll have any problems ..... go for it
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  6.    17 Oct 2016 #56

    Hi everybody,

    I think it is time for me to throw in the towel.

    After reading the last few responses I have finally admitted in my own mind that I am in over my head. That being said I am letting you all know that all your efforts and expertise are duly noted by this balding retired Marine.

    When it comes to making changes in the BIOS I really get cold feet.

    For the record I tried to move some drivers to my external drive by using the DISM command that NavyLCDR furnished but like all other attempts to use DISM commands with my Update Problem it failed. It would have been a very easy way to keep Driver files if it had worked on my PC.

    As I have stated earlier I am more sorry for all your sakes than my own because you all put in a lot of time and effort. Unfortunately, I don't have any folks in my area that I know of who have the expertise you guys demonstrate in your responses. Maybe I could talk one of you to move into my neighborhood

    I am going to just hope that Windows Defender provides the needed Real-time Protection and that the Windows Firewall steps up to the challenge. I also run weekly on-call scans with Super Antispyware and Malwarebytes, both of them are the free editions.

    So, until we meet again on the forums ...

    Thanks, regards and best wishes, :)
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  7.    17 Oct 2016 #57

    Where in Pennsylvania are you located? Depending on which side (or middle) of the state you're in, we may be able to hook you up with somebody who can come work with you to do this stuff. It's not that hard -- as long as you know how. You don't know if one of us isn't in your neighborhood until you tell us where your neighborhood is. If you're in the eastern portion of the state, the Windows User Group (WUGnet) is HQ'ed in Philadelphia. If you're around there, or around the Pittsburgh area, it will be easy to find somebody for you to partner up with.
    Whaddya say, Marine?
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  8.    17 Oct 2016 #58

    Ed Tittel; a Teamviewer session could also get him to the point where, after partitioning and boot order, he can just run the usb afterward. The usb can also be checked for correct files too.
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  9.    17 Oct 2016 #59

    Hi mrgeek and EdTittel,

    I live in Central Pennsylvania (Williamsport area) and for the record I just ran a 'chkdsk' on my Flash Drive and it says it was scanned and no problems were found. It also said it was FAT32.
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  10.    18 Oct 2016 #60

    MrGeek is right about the TeamViewer/Remote Assist session idea. Do you have more than one computer? If we need to dig deep into rebuilding an OS on one machine, we'll need a second one to keep talking and working with you while that process is underway. I can help out with this some weekend, but not this coming weekend, because I've promised to take my family to the Texas State Fair in Dallas for its final weekend.
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