I would really appreciate help with the below query.

What I have:
I've created a custom deployment for W10 using WICD and placed it on a USB Pen Drive.
It is for internal purposes and it works very well for what it is intended.

Looking to:
What I really want however is for it to be self included in the drive in which it will be installed, but I am not sure how possible that is. (Dell, HP, etc do something like this on their new machines, don't they?)

In short. I am looking to place this deployment image onto, perhaps a bootable partition on a SSD.
The hope is that it would boot up, begin the instalation process and install itself on the remaining (empty) partition without wiping itself out.

Currently the USB Pen Drive deployment image boots any drive, begins the instalation and as part of such, wipes the entire drive. The install data is never lost because it is handled by the USB Pen Drive.

How can I:
1. Generate a RAW partition (perhaps hidden)
2. Write protect it (keep it from wiping)
3. Edit the instalation method of the W10 deployment (specify not to auto wipe all by default)
4. Allow all to be clone-able

I looked around for this information but did not find specifics. I'd gladly read if needed, so even good links will be appreciated.

Big Thanks.