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My friend wants me to set up a NAS server for him - but wants to use WINDOWS -- strange choice but it's doable and I suppose it will be less hassle to keep fixing Windows than allowing him to hose up a Linux system if he's never used Linux before.

Hardware is simple - cube type box, RAID card 4 HDD bays, 1 SSD for boot device, half height Nvidia graphics card-->HDMI and audio output.

RAID etc no problem - but is there an alternative to the wretched NTFS file system for the HDD arrays.

I'm currently using this setup on a Linux NAS server.

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There are also some LONG file names which NTFS hoses up totally -- especially on the music files and I really don't want to re-name a whole slew of stuff.

Any ideas -- at these sorts of HDD sizes NTFS should really be put to bed IMO. Compared with the XFS or EXT4 file systems on Linux performance is rubbish too once you get large HDD's -- however he insists it has to be Windows and he's paying for the hardware etc. !!!!