Back to Windows 8 by mistake

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    Back to Windows 8 by mistake


    Need some help please.
    Have a HP PC with Windows 10, I created a rescue media on Macrium Reflect than it wouldn't boot up to Windows for some reason, so I found a boot cd from Acronis and I recovered from an image I had saved on my external drive, but now the pc is back to Windows 8 and it is almost not responsive.
    Can someone help please?

    Thank you
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    Hi, if you mean you created a full image or set of images for your PC with Win 10 with Macrium then you might be able to restore that. But what you're saying is you created 'rescue media' - which is very unclear.

    So could you explain what you do have related to Win 10?
    - do you have Macrium Reflect bootable medium?
    - do you have images you created with M Reflect- if so, what exactly are they?
    - an image of C:
    - a 'Backup Windows' image (= the set of partitions relate to Windows?) (Backup Windows is the tab you select in Macrium to do that)

    If you don't have appropriate disk images for Win 10 (and we need to know exactly what you do have) then:
    - you could clean install Windows 10. This is the easiest option.

    Activation is automatic- you don't need to worry about a Windows license.

    This means you have lost all data on C: that you didn't have backed up, and will have to reinstall all programs,
    configure settings.
    To have any chance of recovery of your installation, which relies on having appropriate images, please provide a screenshot or photo even of your disk structure.

    If you can't get your PC to boot or run well enough, then boot from Minitools partition manager boot disk, and use that to display your disk structure. (Free download).

    Bootable Partition Manager| MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable Edition

    You may need someone to help you with all of this in front of your PC if not familiar.
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    Download the win10 DVD and boot that and do a clean install
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    Sorry for not explaining well, let me do it again.
    I have a HP 500-415NS which I bought 18 months ago and it had Windows 8 on it, then one day I got a notification saying I can update to Windows 10 for free, which I did.
    Before I did that, it seems I had backed up the image with Acronis and created a Acronis bootable Media CD.
    then I replaced the HDD with a SSD, I do remember that the clone process was so complicated because of GPT so I can't remember exactly how I did it but I remember using Macrium reflect as Acronis wouldn't do it.
    I also created a MR Rescue media CD.
    Then, on Windows 10, I did create a recovery USB, which worked fine, but it was a 64GB USB when I only needed a 16GB USB, so one day I copied all the contents of the 64GB USB into a 16GB one.

    Yesterday, I cloned my Crucial SSD into my new Sandisk SSD as I have to send the Crucial SSD back for warranty ( poor performance ), the PC booted OK.
    I noticed that the partitions were a mess so wanted to reorganize them, see my post here:

    Was told the partitions shouldn't be like that.

    Was advised to use Macrium reflect to image disk the C drive, then reinstall W10 on the current drive, then recover the C drive from the back into the current drive, so when I opened MR it asked me if I want to create a Rescue media which I did on a USB, since then my PC wouldn't boot and it said:

    The boot configuration data for your PC is missing or contains errors.
    File: \EFI\Microsoft \Boot\BCD
    Error code: 0Xc000000f

    The 16GB recovery USB I had would not work.

    In the end, I inserted my Acronis bootable media and recovered the image saved on my external HDD which I created when my PC had Windows 8 ( didn't know until the PC booted and realised had Windows 8 ).
    So now, I have downloaded Media creation tool and I am installing Windows 10 but it has been stuck on "searching for updates" for 2 hours...
    Now I don't care anymore about my programs, what I want is a fresh clean install of Windows 10, and back it up on a USB so I can reinstall it whenever I want.

    I also want to do a second back up of Windows 10 but with all my essential programs.

    Very sorry for the long post but wanted to give as much info as possible.

    What are my options now?
    I've read that the PC can stay looking for updates overnight

    Thank you for your help
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    Ohhhh looks like I'm a bit late to the Party ..... see your other Thread.....

    Partition layout - Windows 10 Forums

    If it is still stuck on installing Win10 disconnect the Eth. cable / turn off wifi briefly and it should kick start the Update.... this happens on my Netbook and this "Tip" usually fixes it.

    Copying the Data off the 64GB key to the 16GB key likely made it non-bootable which is why it wouldn't work , or you made the MR Boot disk over the top of it ?

    IF you have all your Files in a MR Backup Image you can still get it all back as it was yesterday , data and all, just follow the instructions from yesterday again and do EVERY step this time.
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    Kbird said:

    Copying the Data off the 64GB key to the 16GB key likely made it non-bootable which is why it wouldn't work , or you made the MR Boot disk over the top of it ?
    I also think copying the 64gb usb to 16gb usb made it non bootable.
    Then I formatted the 16gb usb and tried to make a new recovery usb but windows wouldn't finish the process.
    Then I made the MR boot rescue over it thinking it would format it.
    So as I said before, I think I made a big mess, that's what happens when someone doesn't know what they are doing... And I deserve this as I probably should have left the thing alone.
    Now I don't have a back up of my windows 10 so am I right in thinking that I should do all from scratch?
    Yes it's still stuck on looking for updates, I did unplug the Ethernet cable and still the same

    Thank you again
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    So you didn't make a Full C drive backup with MR to another HDD ? I thought you had......

    Then a Clean install of Ten is needed and you'll need to reinstall your Programs etc.....
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    I did but not to another hdd, I did it on the USB which after it finished it booted into MR interface and from there I didn't know what to do.
    I removed the USB and the pc would not boot into Windows.

    Updating to windows 10 is stuck, I just cancelled it, maybe I have to install all the updated of W8 ( currently 256 updates then update to W10?
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    The USB when I insert it in the pc it booted to MR, where I also selected repair windows boot and nothing...
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    Nope , just download the Windows 10 ISO with the Media Creation Tool (MCT) and install it.

    Brink of Ten Forums has made several tutorials of the Process here

    MCT or ISO download

    Windows 10 ISO Download - Windows 10 Forums

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