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  1.    02 Sep 2016 #41

    yes , if you were able to boot into the MR interface , then that is excellent .

    Once Win10 is CLEAN Installed , you will need to install MR in win10 and then do a Backup Image of your Whole SSD to your External USB Drive. Make a Folder on the USB Ext. called Macrium and put all you backups in it. When you make the Backup it will offer to save the XML file say yes as we can then use that file to schedule backup regularly eg once every 3 days.

    you could take a photo of Topguns instructions too just so you have them and enter the commands exactly
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  2.    02 Sep 2016 #42

    Kbird said: View Post
    yes that looks good so far

    make sure you CLEAN the SSD during Win10 install this time , did you note Topgun's instructions to use?

    Are you referring to these instructions ?

    1. Boot up Windows Installation USB
    2. On the first screen. Hold down SHIFT + F10. A command Windows will pop up. Type:
      select disk 0
    3. Continue with the installation, select Customize, click on Disk 0, do not format then click Next, Windows Installation will create all needed partitions then install Windows.

    If yes, step 1, boot up to Windows USB, how do i do this? do i insert the USB and boot from it by changing the order in BIOS ?
    Is that what it means ?

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  3.    02 Sep 2016 #43

    1. Yes same as you booted the MR USB , you can use F8 for the boot menu (most computers) or set the USB to boot 1st ,cdrom 2nd and HDD/SSD 3rd in the bios permanently.

    If given the option at Boot you want the USB Key with the UEFI option if there is one assuming the MB is in UEFI Mode , so Win10 installs in UEFI Mode.

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  4.    02 Sep 2016 #44

    The bios order in your post, should it be set like this forever?
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  5.    02 Sep 2016 #45

    it should be fine , it just skips the USB or CD if there is nothing there , and Windows Boot Manager will take over if Win10 is installed on UEFI Bios anyway.

    you can always change it back if needed so don't worry , it's not permanent as in FOREVER.
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  6.    02 Sep 2016 #46

    OK, i've set it as above, first USB, and nothing, it's booting as normal to Windows, what am i doing wrong ?
    When i go to the BIOS settings, it is set as above, first USB, then CD, then my SSD, then Windows boot manager.

    Sometimes, when pressing the F12 before the boot logo, it doesn't take me to BIOS settings, it just takes me to set the boot device, and it only shows the IPV4 and IPV6 uefi.

    grrrr, sometimes i hate computers
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  7.    02 Sep 2016 #47

    Secure Boot maybe on? in that case use your F12 Menu to boot off the MCT Win10 USB

    If that doesn't work it maybe try another USB Port , a USB2 port if you know USB3 is sometimes flakey

    If that doesn't work it maybe that the USB is not Bootable

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  8.    02 Sep 2016 #48

    Earlier, when i tried the Macrium Reflect rescue media (USB), it booted fine, that's how i tested it.
    But now, even this USB does not boot.
    Also, what i noticed, earlier when i set the boot order to USB, it actually showed me the brand of my USB, like Hitachi USB.
    Now, it doesn't do that, it says Floppy/USB

    I'll try a USB2 port and post back
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  9.    02 Sep 2016 #49

    Tried a USB 2.0 port, same shit.
    So now, i have 2 USB that are not bootable, the MR rescue media, and the W10 installation USB
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  10.    02 Sep 2016 #50

    Ok , maybe it is secure boot then , we wont play with that put the bios back how it was when it would boot a USB ...sorry
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