How do I Prepare a New SSD for Win 10 Install

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    Did you boot with only the restored drive connected? Did you change the boot order in bios and select Windows Boot Manager as the first boot device?
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    @gapi see if this will help you Can somebody help me on how to reconfigure boot loader in Windows 10?

    Unplug everything, including all other hard drives, do a clean Install then restore only the C partition. That's what is happening in that post.
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    Thanks Tons for Keeping Me In mind!
    Coincidentally I just now in the last hour hit pay dirt.

    I may have found my problem(s) before you offered the thread link but its a "very good" thread and I subscribed to it. Thanks.

    OK, in Macrium during an image (of my OS SSD) being restored to a destination HDD I was getting "Read Error 22" "Broken Pipe". I suspect the HDD containing the stored image was failing when reading it to the destination HDD I wanted to boot from.

    Then my new Sandisk 1TB X400 SSD arrived. Its the same as my OS drive Sandisk 1TB X400 SSD.
    So I pulled out another known good HDD and made a new system (everything required to start and run windows) image to it.
    Connected my 2nd SSD as delivered and restored the image from that HDD to it.
    Disconnected the original SSD leaving the 2nd SSD connected and BAMO! Pay dirt! I am typing to you from it now. Such joy!
    It booted up like it never happened. I had to look and make sure I had things connected how I think I had them.

    Now I have to decide and/or learn what kind of images and/or schedule I want. I would like one made once a week. I don't need to have several copies. A simple home user / Photographer a weekly protection would be nice.
    Maybe I really don't need a schedule. I can insert the SSD into a dock and hit go and update the image?
    Or weekly clone over write?

    Maybe someone can explain. I am running the free version.

    Here is my SATA 6 Gb/s dock on my case.

    How do I Prepare a New SSD for Win 10  Install-sata_dock.jpg
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    That's great news. I'm glad you have it sorted. Congratulations. I would and do not overwrite images. I do about 2 a week and keep usually 6 to 8. The reason being is, if you were to delete something but didn't realize it for a week or so, you could always go back and get it. Also, if you were to get a virus or something and didn't realize it for several days, you could restore to a point before you got the virus.

    In case you didn't know, for file recovery you can mount an image and go back and find a lost or damaged file without restoring the Image. You can also image and keep a 'Clean Install' at any stage after the install. That way you would never have to go through a clean install again, just restore that image. Same with updates and upgrades.
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    So with the free version it looks like differentials. Tell me if I understand this correctly.
    Say I have one monthly full and three weekly differentials.

    If I want to restore to the date of a certain differential, do I just open Macrium, choose a differential to restore and it will wind up restoring a full copy to the point of the date of the differential?
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    I can't answer that as I have never used them with Macrium. I did do them with Acronis and every one of them failed. So, I have never used them again. But, I suspect you are correct.
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    Thanks for all the help. I did read up on the restore by choosing a differential or incremental and its as I guessed.
    I'll be experimenting with this soon so stay subscribed and I'll report.
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    I'll be here, don't worry. Jus ask any questions you come up with.
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    I managed to get it to run an automatic full and a differential on schedule.

    At first it failed with errors indicating there were MBR issues and a chkdsk /r was needed. The drive being an SSD I had doubts but I ran it and it seemed to fix the issue.
    Soon I'll report on a restore using a differential.
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    Sounds great. Glad you are getting some practice in.
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